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Like Herr Hitler, I like to visit the odd beer hall; unlike the uncelebrated Mr H I don't tend to organize many putsches there.

A laughable story in today's BNP News:

The Destruction of British Culture: 52 Pubs per Week Closing

The economic downturn and the Islamification of large areas of Britain have been blamed for the massive decline in traditional British public houses, with at least 52 per week currently being shut down.

Really? Who says?
  • According to figures released by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), pubs are closing at a record rate and 24,000 jobs have been lost in the last year alone as a result.

    The report showed that 52 pubs closed every week in Britain in the first six months of this year, an increase of a third on the same period last year.

OK, fair do. But about this Islam factor?
  • The BBPA said, “The biggest impact is the recession. There are fewer people out and fewer people spending money in pubs and bars regardless of where they are.

    “Pubs are already diversifying but unfortunately if you are a community pub you can’t transform yourself into a trendy town centre bar.”

Yes, yes! But what about the Muslims?
  • The BBPA report studiously avoided the other reason for the closure of this traditional British cultural phenomenon: the Islamification of Britain.
Oh, so The BBPA report is not saying what you say in your headline then? How very strange; the BNP must be able to get out of this predicament with solid facts and data, surely?
  • A handful of recent examples illustrate the point:
  1. A report dated 18 May 2009 in the Birmingham Mail told of how that city’s council had approved the conversion of a Handsworth pub into a mosque — even though it had been carried out without planning permission.
  2. A This is Nottingham news report from 16 January 2009 revealed that “a group of Muslims is seeking permission to continue to worship in a former pub.
  3. A report in the Bucks Herald of 1 October 2008 reported that a “pub in Aylesbury is to be converted into an ‘Islamic cultural centre’ and Mosque. The Skinny Dog (formerly The Greyhound) in Churchill Avenue, which has been closed for several months, has been bought for £600,000
So, only 3 examples in the last 12 months when apparently 52 are closing each week. And note that the pubs were already closed before being bought and converted. Perhaps Herr Griffin was too slow to use his BNP funds and newly found EU wealth to bid for these sites to keep them as pubs. Perhaps he could serve Guinness and when it is thrown over him, he can let his thugs give someone a kicking as the BBC reports:
  • A Labour MP [David Drew] has claimed British National Party supporters beat up a man when he threw beer over the party leader, Nick Griffin.

    The alleged incident took place at the Falcon Inn, Painswick, Gloucestershire...

  • "As a result of this he was taken outside and given one hell of a hiding."
On This is Gloucestershire more detail emerges:
  • "Nick Griffin came out and I decided to splash him with Guinness. I was swiftly put in a headlock by one of his security people. I was backing away and had my hands splayed out.

    "They started taking me down the road, and I was worried about that.

    "Then a member of staff from the Falcon came out and took me off the BNP security person and took me back in to the pub. Then I was asked to leave the pub via a different door."

    But he said he was later spat on in the street and verbally abused by a member of the party in a car.

So what's the official BNP line?
  • BNP spokesman John Walker said: "People have to start to realise now that they cannot go around taking liberties with a member of the European Parliament, whichever party they represent.

    "We won't put up with it. It is not civilised behaviour. If he got duffed up, he was a victim of his own misfortune.

There we have it. Waste the black stuff on the odious Griffin and his thugs will take the law into their own hands.


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And Finally...

Freudian (almost) typo from NW Nationalists (the people who think Griffin is a dirty commie):
  • The BNP lacks the human resources to be a serious party.

    That is largely because capable or idealistic people are seen as a threat.

    Any organisation run like that will reach a point where it can't get much furher. Rule by expulsion is not a politically viable policy.


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