Woza Albert!

My favourite Father Ted episode involves him fighting malicious allegations of racism. Youtube no longer has it available but it reminded me of the problems the people on the infamous Griffin's List are having. I've held back on commenting on it and others have done it better and I was in Germany when the story broke. I've also had a sneaky look at some of the names in a latter day Fiendsreunited (sic) sort of way.

The BNP leadership is a bit confused as to who is responsible. On one hand Griffin said,

  • I deeply regret the leak of that year-old list by a disgruntled former employee, because everyone is entitled to privacy
Then, Simon Darby talked of a plot by left-wing blah blah blah. Which is it guys?

With apologies to Neil Kinnock, it does provide the grotesque irony of a Nationalist Party, A NATIONALIST PARTY hiring lawyers to issue legal notices to its own members. And this from a bunch of bigots who would repeal the very legislation they seek to hide behind; a merry band that is anti-EU but wants Griffin elected as an MEP.

As Chicken Yoghurt notes,
  • The crowning jewel of the story is that the BNP, who only this month called the Human Rights Act 'surely one of the most pernicious pieces of legislation ever passed by the mother of parliaments,' and reiterated its promise to repeal it when the party - don't laugh - becomes a 'British Nationalist government', have now asked to police to investigate breaches of the Human Rights Act.
The party also placates its irate members by saying The Equality Act can be used to prevent them being sacked. In addition, it advises using their Solidarity union led by Patrick Harrington ex of the National Front.

Today, my traffic indicator er.........indicated that someone from Northampton googled "Albert Hurwood" BNP Corby. This took the person to a previous blog post on his barmy vigilante organisation here.

According to Poons, the celebrated Mr H is on the dreaded list despite his vehement denials about not being in the Party of Darkness.

I don't wish to link to the sites showing the information as they are readily available.

The Poons piece is here at Navigor, and as can be seen, Mr H is courting publicity in much the same way as the BNP. Funny that!

The jury's still out on whether this a boom or bust for the BNP. Griffin proudly boasts that - apart from his soldiers getting abusive phone calls and going red at work outings to the slavery museum - he views this as good publicity. Indeed the official hate site says that it has had a record number of visits. A million flies hovering around the shit can't be wrong!