Bremen 2008

Some photos from the 3 day trip to Bremen in Germany.

Part 1

(see Part 2)

Due to the lateness of the flight we did not arrive until 11 O'clock and could not find a pub open in the district we were staying in near to the airport. So, a bottle of Beck's from the local kebab outlet had to suffice.

We spent a number of hours in Salford prior to our trip to Manchester Airport. It is worth knowing that the journey can be staggered at no extra charge on National Express (about £6.50) so we got off in rainy Salford. Our first destination was the Union Tavern on Liverpool Road but when we arrived there they were using the bar as a location for filming an episode of Coronation Street. It will be interesting to see what the storyline involves in a few weeks. My guess is that it involves Liam's death and the shady hit-and-run driver's payments. Quite disappointing that our obvious acting skills were not utilised.

We walked a bit further to the excellent Marble Arch pub in Manchester which brews its own beer. I settled on a Porter.

Next port of call was the old Beer House pub which is now called The Angel (it's on angel Street). We had a light beer from Dunham Massey brewery in Cheshire but this and its replacement was not in good condition. The pub appears to be favouring the gastro side of its customer base. It was disappointing that there does not seem to be any Belgian Kriek on draught as was the case with the old pub.

By now we were getting nicely lubricated and we plumped for another pub with a Coronation Street connection. This Holts pub had toilets officially opened by three former stars - Stan Ogden, Billy Walker and Alan Howard.

Prior to leaving for the airport we settled on the Circus Tavern. Another good Holts pub with a cosy snug room with hundreds of pictures of the famous including visitors to the pub like George Best.