Greens Are Not Always Good For You

I'm sure I mentioned it once before that there seems to be lots of people named Green that have a less than perfect existence. Leaving aside Hughie Green's indiscretions resulting in Paula Yates, we have Philip Green (of the Tesco behemoth), Stephen Green of Christian Voice, Andrew Green of Migrationwatch, and Tory Shadow Immigration Minister, Damian Green.

Now I don't wish to discriminate or be prejudiced against any colour, and obviously, everyone has the right to a fair trial but..............just for information purposes.........

  • Immigration spokesman Damian Green, the MP for Ashford, was arrested earlier today at his home in Kent, and taken for questioning at a central London police station, where he remained this evening. He has not been charged with any offence.

    It is understood the arrest came in connection with allegedly leaked information relating to stories which have appeared recently in the media about immigration.

    Mr Cameron was said to be supportive of his MP and angry at the way in which the case has been handled. Mr Green denies any wrongdoing and remains in his post, a party spokesman confirmed.

    A Conservative party statement read: "As shadow immigration minister, Mr Green has, on a number of occasions, legitimately revealed information which the Home Office chose not to make public.

    "Disclosure of this information was manifestly in the public interest. Mr Green denies any wrongdoing and stands by his actions." (Guardian)

Free the Ashford 1.


Pete Green said...

What can I say? Our family has a lot of black sheep.

MoneyBonanza said...
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eric the fish said...

Present company excepted Pete!
I also went oout with a girl called Theresa.

eric the fish said...

The deleted thing was spam.