The Real BNP: Volume 4328

All blogmeisters have a certain responsibility as to the comments left. The same goes for newspapers. It is not enough to cry free speech. This blog allows comments without pre-moderation and will continue to do so until the idiots designate otherwise. Obviously there is a limit to free speech, and even comments left can be indicative of the type of person you lie down with. In such cases, it puts pressure on the 'buckstopper' to distance themselves from comments, however supportive, that do the cause no good.

So as pleased as I am to see Merseyside's third best team scramble a draw tonight, I challenge Simon Darby, Deputy Leader of the BNP to distance himself from this comment from long-time Australian supporter, alanorei:

  • The Nazis practised, even if it was never legalised, paedophilia and pedastry, male children being the victims. See The Pink Swastika by Lively and Abrams. The BNP opposes these crimes but progressive enactments show that the 'old gang' parties favour these abominations. Anti-BNPrs never oppose 'gay' i.e. child molester rights. Draw your own conclusions about why this is so.
I know I'm wasting my time and Darby does not allow comments on his blog unless you think his party is the best thing since Joerg Haider's 'find the lady' soiree. Similarly with Mayor Barnbrook.

Since posting, there have been 5 posts allowed and darby has put up a video. I rest my case. Not that there's much left as we await the verdict that the BNP do not want.