Is Nothing Sacred?

For many years, Beatles music was sacrosanct and was not used to flog anything from Big Macs to Apple Macs. Obviously, things have changed as the new John Lewis Xmas advert totally bastardises a piece of my life and turns this early rocker into an elevator tune. Thank you Michael Jackson for selling to Sony.

The travesty is here.

Better to listen to the lads themselves:


baroquepop said...

No, it's not sacred, it's just pop music!

McCartney and the Lennon estate make a lot of money every day from Beatles record sales and airplay. What's so different here? Besides, it's a refreshing change to hear a Beatles song this Christmas, particular when so sensitively performed as here.

eric the fish said...

They may not be short of a bob or to but it doesn't excuse this poor version of a great song being abused.

To some people, Lennon means more than religion. I won't be waiting for absolution from the vatican though.

It does make a change from hearing the usual suspects though.
Best advert so far is the one using the Sugababes. I never thought that sentence would be seen here!

i know I'm overly protective of them but they are a large part of my life and I don't like my comfort blanket soiled.