Eric in Million Dollar Deal

Exclusive news reaches us from the USA where Eric the Fish is to write a column for the Owasso Reporter in Oklahoma. In a parallel universe, Richard Littlejohn, resident in now-Democrat Florida will write for a newspaper in this country. No, a newspaper: the Daily Mail doesn't count.

In other news, KLM will now be providing flights from Liverpool to Amsterdam Schipol, enabling connecting flights to the world to be booked directly. A spokesman for KLM refused to confirm that this was in preparation for the number of visitors expected from Tulsa in response to Eric's diatribe.

Good to see Macca praising America for electing Obama. Maybe he should avoid certain Republican states on his next tour.

Finally, if anyone thinks that Obamania has taken everyone in, have a look at the considered, rational and not-at-all childish position of Simon ' Two Wardrobes' Darby of the not-at-all racist BNP:

  • I wonder if Mr Obama will have the decency and integrity to start phasing out all of the European American technology, medicine, science and legislation that so blights the nation and bring in its African counterparts. After all that by default is what the media are crying out for as night after night they celebrate the demise of white society in an orgy of afrophilia and ethnomasochism.
So no bitterness there, Simon. Well done. To think that this piece of work is remunerated by the taxpayer for poncing around London with his camera is more worrying than the prospect of President Palin in 4 years.