And The List Goes On

Over the last couple of days I've noticed that the subject of the BNP has become quite popular. What is apparent - both from the disparate professions of the membership and from people's responses - is that the BNP has definitely managed to implant the notion of respectability.

I'm aware of three people in this locality whose names appear on the roll of shame; only one comes as a surprise. Again, I make no judgment as to whether they are members or not. Given that, through my professional career, I am aware of the approximate locations of some sex offenders in this area, I take the same stance: I'll be damned if I'll publish.

There are exceptions and I'll come to them later.

This is why those - like myself - delighting in the embarrassment of the leak, should urge caution. We would not be happy if a UK version of Megan's Law came in (notwithstanding the watered down version proposed) as mistakes can be made as shown by the News Of The World debacle and attacks on paediatricians.

Such vigilante action must be condemned whoever the victims are. For this reason, I have no problem with referring to barmy Vigilante Guy, Albert Hurwood as the matter is in the public domain and Hugh Muir has mentioned it twice in recent Guardian Diary pieces. So sure of having nothing to hide, his web forum requires membership before entering (thus increasing figures).

The NOTW may be running a story at the weekend about the BNP as, according to a spokesman, Arthur Kemp was doorstepped. Kemp? Rings a bell! Ah yes, as I said here, he's the author of that Christmas stocking filler, March of the Titans, a history of the white race, as detailed by Lancaster Unity here. Note the brown jacket like the one favoured by Richard Barnbrook. In that article - written in September - Kemp denies it is recommended reading. So as I said before, funny how it is highlighted as White History Month Book on the White Pride site linked to by the main BNP site below. Note the not-loaded question under it!

It contains some other gems that these bastards want children to be taught:

  • The attack on the World Trade Center, New York, 11 September 2001. The attack, by Muslims, was caused directly in retaliation to the support given to Israel by the USA, which in turn is driven by the Jewish domination of the American mass media and government. Such attacks are set to increase as long as the White West allows its politics and mass media to be dominated by Jewish groups.


  • here are four ways through which a nation's population can vanish:

    1. Through obliteration in war;

    2. Through their lands being swamped by labor-driven immigration;

    3. Through physical mixing with newcomers; and

    4. The second and third factors above combined with a decreasing birth rate amongst the original population.

  • The prospects for the future of Western civilization are therefore, bleak. Whites will be increasingly squeezed out of their great cities, increasingly replaced by Third World non-Whites and mixed-race populations.

    And so society will change its outer manifestations to reflect the new populations, and the last White-created civilization will vanish along with the declining White population.

    The ancient end of the world in Norse mythology was the Ragnarok, the fiery fall of the Gods in Valhalla: this fate seems destined to come true after all - unless there is a conscious and determined shift in the political, demographic and social trends prevalent in the West today.


Finally, the BNP site is claiming that a number of BNP members have been detained by police in Liverpool. The group included Peter quiggins of Breach of Liverpool 08 copyright fame and peter Molloy of Fathers 4 Justice superhero status.

I've been meaning to do a piece on the nutters from F4J for some time so I must remember to write something on this sinister band.