Help The BNP Liverpool 12

The BNP need your help. We know that many of its members are in need of medical attention, but this appeal goes out on behalf of the so-called Liverpool 12 who were arrested (but not charged) in the city centre for just giving out leaflets. What could be wrong with that?

Well, after downloading the pdf of the leaflet from the BNP site. Why did it take so long to download? Hard to copy and paste too. Is it hosted on Simon Darby's mobile phone?

Anyway, I thought I'd look through to see if I can help the BNP see why they may have been arrested. As with a previous leaflet in the Preston area, the booklet does not appear to be obviously racist - I'm sure their lawyers have allowed it to make the point without being bang to rights. There are lies. The question is whether they are sufficient to amount to a public order offences.

So this is a work in progress. Other people may be able to decode better. First up from the leaflet is this:

  • Many of the great injustices inflicted on the majority community under the multi-cult are in no way the fault of immigrants themselves. The problem is the attitude of the political ruling elite. One of the worst examples is housing policy.
  • If a British family (including members of earlier immigrant groups) lose their home because they cannot afford to pay the mortgage or rent, they are regarded as 'intentionally homeless' and therefore not entitled to council accommodation.
This is patent nonsense. Note how the insertion of settled immigrants is used to allay fears of mere racism. Whilst a person can be deemed to be intentionally homeless through actions that have made eviction or repossession inevitable but avoidable, the wording used by the BNP is misleading in the extreme.

Here's what homeless charity Shelter advise:
  • It is up to the council to prove that you are intentionally homeless, not for you to prove that you aren't. The council has make enquiries into the reasons you became homeless and must be satisfied that all four of the following points apply:

  • you deliberately did (or didn't do) something that caused you to leave accommodation which you could otherwise have stayed in, and
  • it would have been reasonable for you to stay there.
So what does this mean? Well, it's similar to the difference between can't pay and won't pay. In Poll Tax non-payments, it had to be shown that the debtor did not pay through wilful refusal or culpable neglect. So, similarly but not completely mirrored, the advice is this:
  • The council should look at the whole of your circumstances in deciding whether you deliberately did or didn't do something. It may decide that you deliberately did or didn't do something that caused you to become homeless if:

  • you didn't pay the rent or mortgage when you could have afforded to
  • you were evicted for antisocial behaviour
  • you left accommodation that you could have stayed in.

If you got into rent arrears or mortgage arrears because of genuine financial difficulties that were beyond your control, the council should not consider you to be intentionally homeless. This is especially true if you can show you did everything you could in order to save your home.

Now I'm not suggesting that there aren't instances where there are cases of injustices; as with the benefits system there are bad decisions but there is a right of appeal.

More info on Shelter here.

They continue their rant on housing:

  • But asylum seekers who have come through a dozen safe countries to get to soft touch Britain don't have any problems. [UPDATE: See excellent BBC article on Kindertransport here]*
  • Whether they've left behind a mudhut or warlords palace they are all entitled to top quality housing at British taxpayers' expense.
  • The full list of what every Asylum Seeker gets is ......
  • heating, lighting, water, phone bills, brand new kitchen equipment, full furnishings in every room, repairs carried out in 7 days, double glazing cleaned every 12 weeks....colour tv licence......
As I've said above, this is total poppycock, which reminds me of something for later!
(*thanks to Anton for tip.)

2] Invisible victims you're not supposed to know about.....

The BNP likes to emphasise that certain cases of racist attacks on whites do not get media attention unlike say Stephen Lawrence. They have a number of cause celebres:


Such a killing would (if Asian victim) have received massive publicity......but as is invariably case when victims white.........went virtually unreported.

Of course a quick google brings up evidence to the contrary........

BBC Report

Daily Mirror

The Times

Independent Newspaper

Interestingly, the Indy article makes mention of a number of race killings of different racial groupings. One that will strike a chord here is the case of Johnny Delaney in Ellesmere Port. He was a 15 year old traveller beaten to death. His father felt there was a racial element, the judge did not agree.

Why no mention of this on the leaflet? He was white. Surely his killing is of more relevance to this area? Ellesmere Port is a short train ride away from where the BNP were arrested and many residents of that area shop in Liverpool. Could this give a hint:

This from Liverpool BNP's website re: Alder Hey visitors.

  • I would have them all lined up against a wall mate, but there again I'm not in charge. Problem solved a a stroke.
  • "Visitors" is politically correct speak for gypsies or otherwise known as travellers. Where they go pandemonium, vandalism, theft, criminal damage follows. There are of course other ethnic groups that think the world (but mostly Britain) owes them something and the, ahem, visitors are one of these groups. They contribute nothing to the community and offer nothing but upset and headaches in return.


Horrific murder and kidnap

The leaflet states,

  • "Why should your life be worth less than that of someone from an ethnic minority"

BBC Report

So what can the BNP do about this perceived injustice? Back to their leaflet.

  • You're Not alone - fighting justice
  • Ethnic Minorities living in Britain have literally thousands of organisations all too often financed with majority taxpayers' money standing up for them . This is part of reason that they get treated so much better than the indigenous people like us - it's the squeaky hinge that gets the oil!
  • Every nation on the planet has right to rule itself and preserve its own culture and Identity that includes the native peoples of Britain.

What do they mean by this? Well, from the Official BNP site:

  • Do you accept or deny that blacks/Asians born in Britain are totally British?
    People are partly the product of their environment, but mainly of their genes. Spike Milligan and Joanna Lumley were born in India – do you think they are Indians? It was the Duke of Wellington who said that just because someone is born in a stable that doesn’t make him a horse.


The BNP likes to put fear in the minds of the white population with smears. This one is particularly abhorrent and has seen them catch the attention of the police before. The leaflet refers to so-called examples.

Case study of Julie's mum

"She fell in with a Muslim.........she was raped. I see other girls in back of Asian cars no more than 12/13. Social Services are useless....schools are useless. The police frightened at being called racist. At end of day it's Asians doing it."

The case study contains graphic details as to what allegedly happened to the daughter without any hope of checking the veracity. The BNP then comment:

  • All ethnic groups contain paedophiles.... but in most communities these sickos operate alone ashamed of what they do. One community is different. Wherever there are large number of young Muslim men, groups team up to lure girls often as young as 12/13 into nightmare world of sex abuse, rape, beatings, drugs and prostitution. Some of these perverts are recently arrived asylum seekers others come from settled immigrant communities and were born in Britain.
  • But what all Muslim gangs have in common is that they never target girls from own community.
  • This, together with refusal of Muslim leaders to condemn that (this abuse) is racist.
Firstly, why is there a need for Muslim leaders to condemn? Did the Church of England apologise for the Moors Murderers, Peter Sutcliffe et al? Of course not. In any event, from this year,
  • Last night Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadhan Foundation, said the police were differentiating between criminals on the basis of race.
  • Shafiq said: "I think the police are overcautious on dealing with this issue openly because they fear being branded racist and I think that is wrong."
  • "These are criminals they should be treated as criminals. They are not Asian criminals, they are not Muslim criminals, they are not white criminals. They are criminals and they should be treated as criminals."

This neatly brings us to how the BNP hijacks issues for its own needs. Exhibit A, the case study of Angela Sinfield, strangely not mentioned on the leaflet.

Angela Sinfield went undercover to help a Channel 4 documentary after her daughter was subjected to this grooming. She says,

  • "The thing about grooming was that it was about the exploitation of young women, it was about these girls being exploited for whatever reason, but it was never about race," said Ms Sinfield
  • "But the BNP used it for their own ends without ever doing anything concrete about it and for me that is unforgivable."

Her story was covered by the Guardian with whom she spoke,

  • The BNP portrayed her daughter's case as an issue of race and religion - Asian men preying on "local" white girls -
  • Her daughter was 13 when she was targeted by a group of local men, some white, some Asian, who were grooming girls as young as 11 for sex.
She was so incensed that she stood against the sitting BNP councillor and won in 2006 at Keighley West, Nick Griffin's old ward.

It is also said that the BNP named her which is ironic given the recent developments.

This hijacking of respectable campaigns is the stock-in-trade of the BNP and other extremist groups of left and right.

The hijacking of campaigns

London Mothers Against Knives

Richard Barnbrook of the London Assembly was warned by the original founder in Middlesbrough.

Preston Pals and RBL Poppy Day

The British Legion objected to the abuse of the name.

Rachel Whittear

This concerned the national campaign already up and running.Each of the leaflets by the BNP features a harrowing photo of Rachel Whittear, 21, who was found dead at her flat in Exmouth, Devon, in May 2000, holding a syringe.

The photo of Rachel made national headlines after her parents agreed for it to be released to warn other youngsters of the dangers of drugs.

Rachel’s mother, Pauline Holcroft, 58, of Ledbury, Herefordshire, later said the leaflets were “insulting and offensive”.

The leaflet says people should “heap condemnation” on Muslims and that it is time for them to “apologise” as it claims they are responsible for 95% of the world’s heroin trade.

This leaflet is now subject to police action.

Finally, the icing on the cake of hate is the use of images in the leaflet.

  • Picture of Stephen Lawrence purportedly doing a black Power salute
    Pics of ranting Muslim clerics;
    Pics of murdered whites with blanks for your sister, friend, your brother, you?
    Picture of prostitute lifted from the Daily Mail

There is then an advert for Great White Records

Including a CD penned by Griffin!
And this from Colin Auty about an area in Dewsbury

Savile Town, Where's it gone?
(Words by Colin Auty)

Ali’s shops on the corner,
And there’s Mosques all over town.
24 hours a day kebab house,
Asian taxis run by Crown.
This little piece of England,
Green and often pleasant land, why the hell am I complaining,
And why don’t I understand –

And I say….
Where is the chapel, where my grandma used to pray?
Where is the alehouse, where my father drank each day?
Where is the butchers shop, our mam would buy her pork?
Where have all the white folks gone, who used to stop and talk?

The bookies halfway down our street,
As (sic) long since gone as well.
And Dr Watson’s been replaced,
By a man they call Patel.
It’s curried rice and foreign dips,
No British fish & chips.
And the languages that we hear all day,
Come from foreign lips.

Repeat Chorus.

The bowling green and veterans’ club,
Are now a ghostly past.
It’s mainly used for cricket now,
Bangladesh were batting last.
If it’s drugs you lack, you’ll find your smack,
And the dealer promises more,
If next time you’ll pass, you’ll bring a lass,
Of 12 and not much more.

Repeat Chorus.

Chief Inspector Jon Carter said: “Savile Town is typical of anywhere else in West Yorkshire when it comes to drugs. We do have concerns over the sexual grooming of children in any area however we know this not to be an issue in Savile Town.”

Lovely! Taken with my piece about White History Month yesterday, we see the Real BNP.

To twiddle with an old Tranmere Rovers ditty,

  • Don't be mistaken,
  • Don't be misled
  • The BNP's racist
  • Just look at with whom
  • They get into bed.
OK, hardly Roger McGough but a serious point.

UPDATE 24/11

Further irony

2 men jailed for sex offences

TWO men jailed for sexual activity with 14-year-old girls had been thrown out of the British National Party when their offences came to light, it has been revealed.

Ian Richard Hindle, 32, of Church Walk, Blackburn, and Andrew Paul Wells, 49, were jailed on Thursday for a total of five years and three months.

Preston Crown Court heard the pair had plied the girls with alcohol at Wells’ flat on Infirmary Street in Blackburn.


Teacher Mark Walker

From the BBC

BNP spokesman Dr Phil Edwards said: "The reason he's had this action against him was because he allegedly looked at the BNP website on the school's computer.

"It is disgraceful that anyone should be suspended for looking at the website of a perfectly legal political party.

"We are certain this action would not have been taken against someone who had looked at the websites of the Commission for Racial Equality or the Green Party."


Sue Byrne, the school's head teacher, said the claims of political persecution were untrue.

"We are happy to state categorically that Mr Walker has not been suspended because of any political affiliations he may hold. Any suggestion that this is the case is wholly false.

The Northern Echo provides a further insight.

  • (A) report, produced by children’s welfare charity the NSPCC, says: “Mr Walker was suspended… following allegations that he and a colleague had accessed adult pornography during the school day, using school equipment.”

    The report, carried out for the Durham Children and Young People Services, makes it clear that no illegal content was found on Mr Walker’s school laptop or desktop computers.

  • UPDATE 25/11/08: Via Lancaster Unity, the Bradford Telegraph and Argos cover a complaint by the widower of murdered Bradford police officer Sharon Beshenivsky, who was killed during a robbery at a travel agents. There had been a spate of robberies at such premises including one owned by a Muslim family prior to this.

  • Paul Beshenivsky said: “Sharon’s murder was not a racist attack and it should not be used in that way.

    “These people are totally distorting the facts and just making it up. I was told about this by the Police Federation and both they and we are not at all happy about it.

    “At the end of the day the call Sharon went to could have been responded to by anyone. It would not have mattered whether it had been an English, Asian or Polish officer who attended, this gang would have shot them.”

    Tom McGhie, chairman of the West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “It is appalling that the BNP would use the tragedy of Sharon Beshenivsky’s murder to try to further its own political agenda.

    “I can’t imagine what the Beshenivsky family and Sharon’s colleagues would feel about her death being used in this manner.

    “To relate the murder of Sharon to a racist attack is simply wrong. It was a crime carried out by violent criminals and this fact was highlighted at the court case. These were dangerous criminals prepared to use ultimate force.”

    Bradford South Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Alison Rose said: “Sharon Beshenivsky died doing her duty trying to stop a robbery, there was not a racial motive to her death. It is unfortunate that the BNP have used her image to inaccurately portray a racist crime when in reality she died doing her job trying to stop crime.”

The hijackers of the seas may be Somalian pirates, and with the extradition of one suspect from Africa may lend a Somalian connection, but the hijackers on land are plainly the disgusting filth of the BNP.

To paraphrase their leaflet, who will they USE AND EXPLOIT NEXT? Your brother, your sister, your friend, you?


Cllr Chris said...

Hi Eric

Thought you might appreciate a comment seeing as nobody else seems to be around to comment! :-)

Anyway - I have to say, from very personal experience, you are way, way off the mark with the homelessness issue. I couldn't give a monkeys what people like "Shelter" say "should happen". What happens in my town (which has an outrageously low supply of social housing to cater for need - one of the worst in the country) is that the Council regularly "finds" people who do not pay their mortgage "intentionally homeless". They do this by going back years - to when loans (all sorts of loans!) were first taken out; or jobs lost as a result of sickness; or people's actions taken after the house was already unredeemably lost; or mothers unexpectedly having to give up jobs for child care; or taking into account for mortgage purposes money provided by benefits paid for medical needs; or if other bills are paid instead of the mortgage - in fact any old excuse at all!! "How can they do that?" you might ask? Well - they do! And they are damn clever at it! The council is outragously hardnosed about all this - going through regulated motions but always getting to that same "intentional" decision. Of course if it goes to a court of law (and I have been able to do this) then the Council - after excruciating procrastination - do cave in. But the homelessness laws are ridiculously complicated. And it's extremely unpleasant for the families involved - many of them - already the less advantaged or less able members of society. Most of them give up the ghost and impose on friends, relations or, if lucky, manage to find something private (not easy with deposits and advanced rents to pay). The Council know this and they are quite callous about it (IMHO!). Social Services are a fat lot of good - more likely to break the families up. In fact I'm afraid I have even had to recommend to some families that their older children (16 - 17 year olds) put in their own homelessness application (not paying the mortgage could hardly be deemed as being their fault!). Even so the Council has a number of tricks up its sleeve to forestall this. Not a nice world I'm afraid Eric. But it's as well to see things for what they are - which the BNP in this case seem to be something the BNP is well aware of. Perhaps if you stood and got elected as a councillor in your area you might also come across the same?

A side comment on the BNP "Bakers Dozen". They were mostly old men - found by the police by illegal use of the illegally leaked membership list. The men were violently man-handled in custody (they did not struggle!), denied medicines (they were very old some of them!!) and were imprisoned until the small hours of the morning (as you say) "without charge". And then released to wander the streets on how to get home!! That's because there was no charge that could have stuck. These police (well - their superiors anyway) had obviously taken umbrage at a prior BNP request not to use to leaked membership lists to harrass police officers who may have been BNP members. You may feel happy this is happening to BNP members - even though they have broken no laws - but do you think this is where the police will stop? This country is slowly turning fascist (oh - wait a minute - you think the BNP are the fascists don't you?). Well just remember, first the Jews were publically named, then they were barred from certain occupations, the press then tried to whip up hatred against them and their rights to express themselves politically were removed. This is about where BNP members now find themselves. Finally it was open season on them and anybody else who dared question the totalitarian political elite. The principle is now breached in Britain. You - as a free thinker - are at risk too Eric - more so perhaps because you think it can never happen!

eric the fish said...

Well, with a lengthy post like that, I'm amazed you don't update you own site so often. It still makes my eyes bleed btw. Yeh, nobody else bothers commenting! The BNP come here but don't bother either even though I would allow it to be published (libel, abuse, threats aside) which is more than Mr D'Arcy allows on his Private Eyebrow site. So much for them bleating about freedom of speech!

I take the point that there is a different between what should happen in theory and the reality.
As a local representative you are clearly aware of this. For my part, I have had direct dealings with housing matters both in a professional and voluntary capacity. Thank you for recommending me for election. I did get asked many years ago but I take the Wildean view that I wouldn't wish to be a member of a party that would have me.

(insert subliminal gif here 'VOTE LABOUR' !!!!!

I did state quite clearly that there are injustices and this is where voluntary advice centres and points of call like yourself come in. I've actually helped out at council surgeries as a favour so I do know the vast array of problems with housing. The appeal system, like that for social security is unfortunately, often required.

Part of the problem - as you well know - was the policy of the Thatcher Govt in preventing local councils use capital from council house sales. Now we are faced with empty flats (aka luxury apartments) with enough room to swing a Manx cat.

This Labour Govt must also stand accused due to the iniquitous policy of making people wait 39 weeks before DSS mortgage interest help is available. Ms Blears has recently awoken to some of the reasons why the BNP are getting support. Such a policy leads to a perception that those paying into the system get less than others that haven't contributed. Whilst this policy is changing it is too late for those made redundant recently.

However, my basic premise that the BNP are shit stirring remains valid. The leaflet treats this as FACT and that is clearly wrong. It is misinformation designed to propogate the myth.
We've been here before with leaflets claiming towns are to be swamped with asylum seekers when this is clearly not the case.

Let me direct you to another debunking of the myth of Immigration and housing. I refer to the Equality and Human Rights Commission's Report on an IPPRC study in September 2007 (link below). [Equality Act and HRA being new friends of the BNP!]

Findings were:

90 per cent of those in social housing are UK born.

Most new migrants to the UK over the last five years, particularly from the new European Union member states such as Poland, have been ineligible to claim entitlement to social housing.

There is no evidence in the research thus far of any abuse of the system including ‘queue jumping’ to the significant detriment of any group, including white families.

11 per cent of new migrants have been allocated social housing. The comparable figure for UK born residents is 17 per cent, and for all foreign born UK residents is 18 per cent indicating that though some migrants do benefit from social housing, they are unlikely to do so until they have been settled for several years and become British citizens; and that they are not significantly more likely to benefit than other residents.

More than 60 per cent of new migrants to the UK over the last five years are housed in private rented accommodation.

In an LGA survey of housing managers, two out of three said that they attributed the shortage of social housing in their area to high house prices. 6 per cent said that the reason for shortages is new migration.

Perceptions that migrants displace UK-born social housing applicants may arise from the fact that much of the private rented housing which is now home to many newly arrived immigrants is former social housing stock. Local residents may believe it is still ‘owned by the council’ despite it now being in the private sector.

Asylum seekers are often housed in inadequate properties. In Liverpool we had private landlords making money from taxpayers. The leaflet is designed to make people think that you just turn up at Dover and you'll get a penthouse.

Your point about Social Services is unfair. As I've said before over Baby P, damned if they do, damned if they don't. I think this is where I have an advantage over you having seen this aspect from (as Joni Mitchell) both sides now.

The BNP leaflet ( I hope you have read it and hope you haven't helped deliver it) is, the more I look at it. a blatantly racist attempt to create tension based on lies, misinformation and provacative imagery. Take the Stephen Lawrence picture. It is said to show him performing a Black Power salute. Why make the point? Would a leaflet using Muhammad Ali have a photo of him doing the same, or more pertinently, would a leaflet mentioning Stanley Matthews show him performing a nazi salute at Berlin's Olympiastadion in 1938? Thought not.

If you want to see what the BNP really stand for, read the leaflet, see the lies and read their own words. Look at the White History they want to foist upon children with its revisionism in relation to Hitler and softly softly approach to the KKK. Are you REALLY sure you want to help out these people? See today's New Statesman and my earlier posts.

You will be up for election eventually. That is is a big question for you to answer notwithstanding your social work in your ward.

With regard to your comment on the arrests in Liverpool, I make no comment on the veracity of claims made except to say that they are hardly neutral witnessess. But yes, I'm aware of some police methods in dealing with arrestees. I find the use of attacks on Jewry (and Griffin referred to phone call abuse being like Kristallnacht) as distasteful. As you well know Griffin denied the Holocaust. I believe he still does. I know you do not. Whenever the BNP bring up claims of Fascism and Nazism, they are just using the tiresome Trotskyite tactic of using opposition quotes and terms to argue against them. Strange times.