The Dreaded 'C' Word in November Shock!'

Looking at all the Xmas markets appearing in the area (and watching the Krakow webcam to remember where I was last year) and reading Edmund Standing's latest on the BNP's White History Month lies, I was reminded of Roy Wood. Yes, Roy.....Wood.

I never like to name drop, but in the 80s I was strolling along Hagley Road wondering why the Number 7 bus seemed to stop on every street in Birmingham, when I saw a man in a long beard walking towards me. He looked like Roy Wood! It was Roy Wood. I immediately used all my successful social skills and uttered those fatal words, 'You're Roy Wood,'. 'Yes, I know,' countered the hirsuted Wizzard.

Anyway, as Roy's Xmas record is one of only a handful I can countenance listening to without slashing my wrists to (and even Macca's Wonderful Christmastime is hard going by mid-December), I'd thought I'd see what he was up to. He's playing in Birmingham on 17th December. Buy tickets here, and wish it could be Christmas every day.

I'm half way through my travelogue of Bremen so this should appear by the weekend.