"And Still They Come"

Had no t'internet connection yesterday as the future was not as bright as my ISP thought. Anyway, after a couple of hours hoping, praying and wearing out the on/off switch, I realised it might actually be a network problem. Lo, and behold it was and the nice lady at Orange told me it would be sorted soon.

My only gripe is that it would help if the ISP could consider joined up thinking and text customers so that they know. I can understand not putting the info on the main site as not everyone has access to another connection and it's not a great selling point for new customers, but.........

In the meantime, flight confirmation has arrived for my trip to Germany and I've sorted out a pile of old football programmes from the attic. Some absolute crackers: Tranmere's numerous trips to Wembley in the 90s, cup matches won versus Chelsea, Everton and Bolton. Games lost against Tottenham, Liverpool and the travesty of the penalty shoot-out loss at Villa Park in the League cup Semi-Final (even Bob Piper agrees we woz robbed) But for me, the 1987 game v Exeter that kept us in the old 4th Division is my treasured possession.

So, a few mementos will be retained but the rest will be going to a better home.

When I am bored, I sometimes check out the site statistics to see what bizarre searches have resulted in poor souls being swept up on my shores. Aside from the usual flotsam looking for nubiles (due to a reference to the Stranglers song) there are some gems.

This week has seen someone from Knob Lick, Kentucky show up and he/she wasn't even searching for anything remotely connected with hometown matters (just as well) and this did remind me of a Geography lesson many years ago which degenerated into juvenile laughter at the mention of Knob Lake (which may be in Canada) and incredulity at geologists had been studyimg cwm deposits in Wales.

Ah well, at least Tranny scraped through the Accrington game last night to march on to Peterborough in the Second Round.