If Clarkson is Obnoxious..........

I'm watching Liverpool v Atletico and in training for staying up late for what will hopefully be an historic victory for Obama.

Came across the rational site of Donal Blaney (ex of the 18 Doughty Street parish of Iain Dale) who seems to support Liverpool (bloody Irish comin' over here....) and has some witty, biting and incisive comments on the Clarkson matter.

  • While driving a truck, Clarkson made a comment that truckers' union bosses (leftists) have decried as implying that truck drivers murder prostitutes. Two did - Suffolk Strangler Steven Wright and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe. It is not known if they were members of the United Road Transport Union.
  • What kind of country are we living in when a spokesman for whores is even asked for her views by a family newspaper? Where does she think we live? Holland?
Oh such biting satire. Oh such a limelight-seeking shit. I used to know someone like this at uni. You know the type, he'd have a blue poppy, blue red-nose day nose, and think being deliberately obnoxious would make him stand out. He was usually ignored. and so it should be. Unfortunately, this grinning blurt is in the top 100 blogs ever (according to Iain Dale).

Anyway, onwards and upwards.

The Owasso Reporter in Oklahoma now has a brand new website (possibly due to the 200 billion people who linked to it after the Islamic Doll/Traffic Lights story.

As the original article's writer, Amanda Morgan-Scott (aka Mandybabe) points out - in response to my fraternal greetings from the 51st State (literally),
  • I am so glad to know that you are an Obama supporter. I very proudly cast my ballot for John McCain. Knowing that we think differently about who should run the United States helps me feel even better about my choice. But still, it's nice to have you back giving us your opinion from the UK.

    By the way, your interest in our newspaper helped us reach 500,000 page views for the month of October - a great accomplishment for our paper. Even though you read our news only to make fun of us and criticize, at least you're reading.

    Oh, and, for what it's worth, I don't think any Americans really care what people in other countries think of us, so we're really not that worried about it.

    Amanda Scott, a.k.a. "MandyBabe" "
I think the last paragraph tells us why we need a certain result in a few hours time. The american people have a chance to show this country that, despite existing racial divisions and the fallacy of the American Dream, they are ahead of this country in choosing the best candidate regardless of race.

It may be a false dawn, but the sun must rise if we are to carpe diem.*

*Not a time for soundbites or more Latin but could not resist!


Anonymous said...

Greetings Eric from Tiffany at the Owasso Reporter. We here are laughing at Amanda's new nickname. I'm not sure that she knows you have deemed her "Mandybabe" but we'll be sure to give her a good ribbing for it. Can't wait to have your column become a part of the paper. Keep it PG :)

eric the fish said...

be fair, I think she came up with the moniker herself!
The article should be on way soon. Now that I know what PG means!

Are you still singing in shopping malls, Tiffany?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you've got the wrong Tiffany. :)