In The Navigor

Hugh Muir in his Guardian Diary on 4th October mentioned the rationally sane founder of the National Vigilante Organisation, Albert Hurwood. His site is a hoot and reminds me of Fairly Secret Army or Ralph in the American cartoon, 'Wait 'til your father gets home.' There are supposedly over 100 of these loonies on the membership roll but only a few bother to post meaningless babble about how shit the police and Labour Government are. He is very careful to avoid saying what they really stand for, but often his childish prose is littered with 'our time is coming' phrases. Yes, so is Christmas!

The Daily Mail is the only paper he ever quotes from (apart from the odd local freesheet) and they are gullible enough to print his ill thought out comments. He is attempting to play on people's real concerns about crime and the perception of fear. He prints lies and inaccuracies and does not believe in free speech. He bans anyone not toeing his right wing agenda (even going to the trouble of re-registering banned mmbers and posting false comments. This is what is so offensive about this bully boy. He tries to suggest that if you have political views to the left of Mussolini, you do not care about crime and are on the side of the criminal. This shows the debating skills of the playground.

Why am I wasting my time on this moron? What does piss me off is that he gets his drivel on the DM site whilst oters do not. Democracy? Freedom of speech?

I haven't linked to his site as AH (interesting initials?) will only get a further cheap thrill at the oxygen of publicity, but it is available on google. Just type 'mad fool'!

Here's an example of his crap:

Muslim pupils won't face outright ban on wearing the veil - 04 Oct 2007

NuLab policy - pass the buck!
Albert Hurwood, National Vigilante Organisation, Corby, Northants,UK