Macca Back

Paul McCartney is to top the bill at the Liverpool Sound concert at Anfield, home of Liverpool F.C. on June 1st 2008 as part of the Capital of Culture Celebrations. I have now registered for the ballot for tickets and hope to be successful. what annoys me is that they will be so hard to get compared to his last concerts at the Kings Dock as there is reduced capacity and no doubt the scroungers and eBay traders will be first in the queue. Real fans like me may miss out. If I find out Kerry Katona gets a ticket I'm going to do something commendable.

The draw takes place on 19th October so they'll have the interest on the money for 7 months. In addition there is a booking fee of 12%!! Given the fact that the best tickets are £75 this is a serious amount. Robbing bastards. If you're reading this Paul (and I know you do) please send a couple of backstage passes for the real fan. Failing that, how about a more intimate gig at Prenton Park?

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