True Blue Colours

This was a story I heard about as I was travelling back home from Italy. I just knew it would attract a comment along the lines of the one from a DM reader in Leeds:

  • Once again the humour has been driven out of our lives, I despair for all of us.- Audal, Leeds
I've a real suspicion that the person making the comment, in common with so many others, only read the headline:
Tories accused of racism over Web photo of blacked-up aide and did not bother t continue down the page. How else would a rational person make such a crass comment when as the story points out:
  • Philip Clarke, who works in Parliament for the former Attorney General Lord Lyell, called the woman a "N***** Minstrel" alongside the picture on Facebook.

The intriguing bit is the initial reaction of the culprit (assuming the DM story is accurate). He is quoted as saying he could not remember whether he had written the caption or someone had hacked into his Facebook entry. Mr. Clarke you sound like a complete twat and you and the Tories deserve each other. I can't remember writing that last sentence or whether my doppelganger (who used to get me into trouble at school) has found my blogspot password (mea culpa for using doppelganger as the password!). Eventually, he admitted it. Apparently, he had a word with Mrs Thatcher who told him of a miracle cure for Alzheimer's her friend Augusto had given her.

  • A Tory spokesman said: "Racism is completely unacceptable and has no place in the Conservative Party."

So, we'll just select Boris 'picaninnies' Johnson as mayoral candidate.