The Hate Machine Gets A Crank Up.

The Mail is predicting there may be an election in October. It is piling on the pressure in its crusade to feed the bigotry of its readership. There have been stories about Poles claiming Child Benefit, amnesties for illegal immigrants and French action on migrants.

What about our own kids that are trained, speak the language? They can't get jobs.- Jacqui Weems, Southampton

This woman should have her own column. There is no beginning to her in depth analysis of the political issues of the day. She doesn't like foreign people. Immigration is her favourite subject.
There is an argument to be had as the use of Zimbabwean nurses. The article, to be fair, points out that it is contrary to supposed Government policy. Also, one can understand anyone wanting to flee the evil Mugabe regime.

However, this does not excuse the Weems woman. At least she managed to use the apostrophe in this post but her first sentence is hardly perfect English. The hatred in her comment beams out; she does not think that the nurses will speak English with no evidence for this assertion.

In the story about French riot police dealing with people 'intent on entering the UK', she throws her hat into the ring:

Surely its time for us to close our doors to all these immigrants. It does not surprise me that we are the problem, we are too tolerant and generous for our own good. Time to say enough is enough.- Jacqui Weems, Southampton

Funny that there were no comments on the story that Britain is the fifth favourite destination for asylum seekers (behind the USA, Greece, Sweden and FRANCE). It doesn't quite back up the claims of those that say that we are the soft touch of Europe.
Notice too that the report by UNHCR - the United Nations refugee agency makes the valid point that Iraq is a major reason for an increase. There is a correlation between the actions of this country in foreign policy and the number of refugees. In the same way, our colonial policy has had repercussions in the past.

Oh, but our heroine is not finished. In the story about a man convicted for assisting fraudulent passport applications she dips her big(oted) toe in the water:

So US throw them out of their country, what are we going to do? Housing and benefits come to mind.- Jacqui Weems, Southampton

Fortunately, Weems is not representative of Southampton people. I came cross this site which has an interesting section on immigration in the city. After all, Southampton has a tradition of being the first port of call for those making a new life here. It is also historically a port of embarkation for those seeking a new life away from these shores. The Titanic sailed from there and I was reminded of the city when the QE2 (registered there) docked in Liverpool yesterday.


Rather strangely, the Mail is serialising Tony Benn's latest diaries and there seems to be an absence of comments saying what a barking mad danger he is (copyright Littlejohn).