In Defence of Victoria

I never thought I'd say that volume 341

The DM loves celebrity even if it is just so they can hoist them up to pull them down; clay pigeon shooting for the hard of thinking. But today, they have gone too far! They print 2 pictures of Victoria Beckham and try to draw the conclusion that she has taken fashion trips from friend Tom Cruise because he has recently filmed a Nazi themed work.

Exhibit A

Remind me..............Daily Mail supported whom pre-war? Oswald Moseley? You couldn't make it up. Next week, The Sun tells us how it pointed out the LIES about Liverpool all along. I'm always worried about putting a pic of a Nazi on the blog as the BNP bots are trawling. But, I don't give a shit about you racist twats. I've visited a concentration camp; no further questions your honour. The prosecution rests!
This might pass for journalism in the DM but it is vile.
BTW if Victoria's PR people are watching, my friend in Japan has loved the Beckhams ever since the World Cup was held there. Autographs appreciated. Also, Tranmere may need a midfielder in the next few years. I am going to Milan this week but it cannot compare to the catwalk of Birkenhead. Sporty knows the score; final Spice Girls concert at the local British Legion. This would kill off any accusations of siding with the enemy


septicisle. said...

Agree with your points, but have to admit that the photographical comparison is still highly amusing.