The Real Vote

As the tabloids salivate over the prospect of an election, the DM (less sure of the need for a test of Brown's mandate now the Tories are in disarray) the DM has the answer. A poll over whether the girl in the photo is Madeleine! truly a Littlejohn 'you could not make it up' moment! Next week - Does God exist?, Is this the Loch Ness Monster?, and Did the man on the grassy knoll kill JFK?

At the time of writing 55% say YES. The other 45% believe Tony Blair abducted her no doubt.

Then, breaking news...what do we have here? Journalists seem to manage to track down the alleged girl. I wonder why Team McCann did not fly over to Morocco?

Still, there are remaining experts:

  • I have my doubt that the little girl pictured is Bushra, because her hair is parted on the opposite side, the hair consistency is different, and it appears shorter than in the picture taken by the spanish woman. I can't say if it is Madeline or not, although the similarites are certainly there, so I think it needs to be investigated thoroughly.- Sue, Harrisburg, USA

  • Hopefully someone from Interpol has actually located this family and seen the child for himself to judge the truth of her origins.- Dawn, England

The story seems to have died a death. This does not stop the DM continuing to run a scare story about travellers. Is this a start of a renewed attack on Romany folk, travellers, gypsies? I await stories of litter caused on common ground. What an evil bunch of bastards the DM staff are. How do you sleep?

Oh, and Kerry Katona isn't pregnant anymore as it is reported that she lost the alleged 6 week old foetus. I'm not plaing down the trauma of miscarriage but I am more than a little sceptical of KK's rush to share every minute of her life with us. More publicity though, so she and Max Clifford haven't lost their fertile grasp on the media. Mum of the Year and Spokesperson are said to be doing fine.


As predicted above, the backlash against travellers has begun. The DM has another story here.
I'm not commenting on the veracity of the story itself or the legitimacy of the candidate's stance ("I'm not a racist....") without further information but the fact remains that a pattern is emerging. As I tire of saying, individual stories may be justifiable but set against the agenda of the DM and the constant tide, it becomes victimisation. The reader is invited to make the necessary conclusions without looking at the content too much.