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Far-Right British MEP sentenced to jail for fraud - but he can keep his seat and salary

Ashley Mote, a former member of the UK Independence Party, was convicted at Portsmouth Crown Court of falsely claiming benefits totaling more than £65,000 from 1996-2002 when he failed to declare income. He was found guilty of 21 fraud-related offences.

Sometimes it is not what is said, but what is not said. Contrast the number of DM comments made about the train story I covered in the last post, with the big zero (at 1800 BST) about this story of Ashley Mote MEP. It has all the makings of a spiffing Mail story - benefit fraud, Europe, continued membership of Parliament with salary. But not one DM reader (so far) condemns it.
Read further, the ingredients are there for Armageddon.
He is 71 (about 68 when elected) and salaried when hard-working Mail readers have to retire early (or work later to make up pensions stolen by Brown). Both views are acceptable on Daily Mail Island.

  1. He does not even represent the party he stood for. They kicked him out ( before conviction) upon discovering his (alleged at that time) slight misdemeanour (£65,000). He has not called a By-election as would be demanded by the readers.

  2. The length of sentence, it is claimed, was dictated by Government policy. (It's the Separation of Powers gone mad) and prison overcrowding. The DM disciples usually want it both ways here too. Either the courts are not sending enough to prison (we are the largest nation of jailing in Europe) or we are.

  3. He was elected for a party that wants us out of the EU (but wants to keep itself on the so-called gravy train in Brussels.

  4. He has now aligned himself with such luminaries as Jean-Marie Le Pen and Alessandra Mussolini ('Al, any relation?' 'Oh yes!')
Question: How many comments would there be if he were a Labour or Liberal MEP?
Answers on a €500 note to ex- labour, ex-UKIP, ex-Veritas? MEP Mr Robert Kilroy-Silk, Belgium.

Ashley Mote,
He got their vote,

But burnt his boat.

He's in jail now,

the little scrote.