Mother of the Year Again?

Pregnant Kerry Katona fears for baby

The shy and retiring Warrington lass, Kerry Katona has announced her latest pregnancy:

Despite the scare, she decided to announce her pregnancy early partly due to fears the story would leak to a newspaper. We can all identify with this. The press are always after a story even if there isn't one. So what's a girl to do? The answer, maybe, lies in the name of the person in the next sentence,

  • Her spokesperson Max Clifford explained: "She was driving to London and fell ill. She was losing blood. They took her to hospital and found she was pregnant. She is at home and has been told to rest."

And of course the ubiquitous deal with the quality magazine,

She told OK! magazine: "It's early days which is why I'm so nervous about announcing it.

Perhaps the reason she recently criticised Kate and Gery McCann over their child care is that she's worried they may be rivals for the title of Mum of the Year. Maybe she can have another wedding once the baby is born.

Social Services, get your arses into gear! Whilst searching for an appropriate pic to accompany this, I came across one of her topless. I will now be celibate for the est of my life!

The question to be asked is, who is responsible for the continued interest in KK and her celebrity non-entities: the media, herself, or us? Suffice to say I know more people will visit this post searching for KK (or even the McCanns) than if it were about a serious issue.