Hoodie or Goodie?

You have to be in it to win it, unless you receive an email from the Nacionale Lotto de Tritan de Cunha saying you've won $60,000,000 and you just need to send your bank details, a Western Union payment of £1,245 and stand in WH Smith window shouting, 'I'm completely mad and greedy'.

There was an interesting story unfolding in the Mirror and Mail about a new lottery winner. It seems an attempt to conjure up the ghost of Michael Carroll.

Compare and contrast. No further comment is needed. The two stories can be found here and here

One paper reports it as :

Hoodie bags £700,000 lottery win 19th September 2007
A hoodie who claims to be part of a street gang has won more than £700,000 on the lottery.
Ollie Kennedy, 18, won £716,766 in last Saturday's £3.5 million Lotto draw, which was split between five tickets.
The teenager is set to share the winnings with girlfriend, Kelly Lucas, also 18.

The lucky couple, from Folkestone, Kent, who have a seven-month-old son called Danny together, have already claimed their prize.
On social networking website Bebo, Ollie boasts of being part of a street gang in Folkestone called the FDP gangsters.
His page on the website lists his interests as "goin on the raz wit the lads" and "gettin p****d up".
Some of his friends have been posted messages on the web to congratulate him on the windfall.

One wrote: "Can't believe you've won the lottery - £700,000 innit. Congratulations, enjoy the money."
The page also reveals Kelly had hoped to be a hairdresser and football mad Ollie likes hitting the gym.
A lottery spokesman said: "We look forward to welcoming Ollie and Kellly to the Lotto winners club.
"This is a substantial win and will change their lives. I'm sure they will enjoy spending their prize."

The other newspaper states:

Two jobless young sweethearts yesterday toast the £700,000 lotto win that will allow them and their baby to live together at last.
Ollie Kennedy, 18, lives with his parents and four brothers while Kelly Lucas, also 18, and seven-month Danny live in a council flat as they cannot afford a family home.
But the life-changing fortune means they can finally settle down properly.
The couple, engaged in summer, now also plan a fairytale wedding.

Ollie said: "It hasn't sunk in yet. But we're going to buy a house together so we can live as a family. And we're going to put money away for Danny so he doesn't have to worry when he grows up."
The pair, of Folkestone, Kent, are determined their new riches will not go to their heads. Two days after the win, Ollie had an interview for an Asda shelf-stacking job. He said: "Even though I won the money, I want to work and be a good dad."
Kelly is thrilled the win will let her fulfil her modest dreams of being a hairdresser and buying a pink Peugeot. She beamed: "It won't change us, it will just make our lives easier."
The kind-hearted youngsters will also ensure close relatives share in their good fortune - which came as they and four other winners shared Saturday's £3.5million jackpot.
Ollie's mum Louise, 46, said: "Life's been a struggle at times for our family.
"Now Oliver and Kelly don't have to struggle any more. He's a caring, down-to-earth boy who will do right by his family."
The last house to be sold on the street in Folkestone where Ollie's parents live went for £119,000 in February.
With their £716,000 win they could buy SIX - with no mortgage.

Our friend, the sadly departed (from our shores) Karen, ex-pat, USA is back on the prowl in the Mail:

Well that should stop his benefits!-

I would like to add my congratulations. All donations can be sent to ericthefish!