Top of the league!

Tranmere Rovers 2 Luton Town 1

(Curran, Kay) (Furlong)

It may not last as teams like Orient play tomorrow. However, it is good to be top and this is one of the benefits of Friday Night matches at home. It is part of our heritage. I remember listening to a commentary on Radio Wales when we played Wrexham in the 80s. Not being able to understand the Welsh language I was glued to the speaker as I made out the odd word. Now and again you could make out...Ronnie Moore. Then one memorable phrase, 'Friday night is Prenton night'. This stuck with me. The passion that is sadly lacking in some home games, comes alive as the floodlights shine out.

Tonight's game was a case in point. We were not impressive for the whole game. Luton stole an early goal and were the team most likely in the early part of the second half.

My positivity is providing dividends. I have used my succubus powers to take away Noel Edmonds's life forces in order to ensure TRFC start winning games in the last 10 minutes. Whenever Deal or No Deal is on, I am able to use my negativity to produce the big money boxes. This is because anyone that gets to appear on this show is either deranged, a gambling addict, believer in fairies or has the time to be holed up with greedy people.

Anyway, it is wonderful to look down on our opponents, albeit for a short time. Leeds won again and have clearly reacted like a wounded beast as they continue to rise up the table. I thought they were somewhat fortunate to take all three points in the first game of the season at Prenton Park, but Wise seems to have channelled some of the energy of the anger about the points deduction into a united force. Maybe the bookies in Yorkshire are sweating a little. Leeds continue to court our star player Steve Davies. If they do manage to coax him, this will leave a sour taste in the mouth.

My camera phone pic from tonight.