Lazy Littlejohn

The latest Littlejohn column is lazy even by his standards. Throughout the 1980s there were various rentaquote figures wheeled out to wade into the latest outrageous film/book/beat combo. Most of these self-appointed guardians of the public decency had never even seen or heard the offending item. At least mad old Mary Whitehouse sat through countless hours of filth so that we wouldn't need to/be allowed to. It all reminds me of the Father Ted episode where the hapless heroes of the cloth campaign about a film on the island and increase attendance tenfold. Life of Brian? Relax and Mike 'Feasible' Read?

Anyway, Littlejohn joins that motley crew by talking about Gordon Brown whilst admitting,
  • I decided not to bother watching New Gordon's first speech to the Labour Conference as Prime Minister.
    Life's too short. Besides, I have to be awake to write this column.
    If I had to sit through 60 minutes of Gordon's patronising, disingenuous, self-aggrandising garbage, I'm afraid I might lose the will to live.
This is exactly how I feel when reading his wit and wisdom. I am not, though, always awake after reading it.
  • For better or worse, most people seem to have accepted the coup which brought Brown to power and are happy to let him play with his new train set for the time being.
Littlejohn knows quite well that it wasn't a coup. Moreover, why didn't he call for Major or Callaghan to call a snap election?
  • The only punters who want an election are Labour politicians and political reporters, because it brings a bit of excitement into their otherwise dull lives.
This would be the same RLJ who said on 3rd May 2007 (covered in my post of 19th September)in his internet chat,
  • Pieter: And should we be allowed by right to have an election when Gordon Brown takes over? In other words he should be forced by law to hold an election.

  • Richard_Littlejohn Within, say three months - YES
There's nothing lie consistency, is there Richard? What has changed? The Daily Mail are scared that the Tories have no chance of winning. Perhaps the constant undermining of CMD Cameron has something to do with this.

Even by his standards, this offering is poor. It's not even fitting of 'Britain's most outspoken columnist'. However, Team Littlejohn are out in force:
  • You are so right again, be at the ready you may only have 4 weeks campaigning left...Mr Prime Minister.- David Challis, Philadelphia, USA

  • I agree with you Richard Littlejohn, and I keep thinking if only you would run for PM! Look at the mess the country is in thanks to Tony's cronies, and Gordon Brun is the worst of them! Is the UK even a sovereign nation anymore given that people can just drift in and out unchecked, because we have become borderless? We don't have to attack anyone if we have strong borders and ban those who want to kill us from entering this country.- S.C., Manchester, England

  • Littlejohn for PM.- Donald Dehaviland, Fleet Hampshire ,England.

  • And again you hit the nail on the head Richard!- C Swingler, Birmingham

  • Not only do I agree with every word you said, but I am writing to ask if you will please put yourself forward as the next PM!- Steve Jones, Stockport, UK

  • Richard,A motto suggestion, how about Pink Floyd's immortal line:"Hanging on in quite desperation is the English way."- Dave, Sidcup, Kent
I don't think the last letter is from Dave Gilmour but I like the use of Pink Floyd as a national anthem cum motto. I'll even forgive the typo of 'quiet'. Here's an excerpt from an interview between a bored Roger Waters and a German newspaper journalist in 2003.

SZ: There’s a part in the record where it says laconically “hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.” Do you still make the same diagnosis today?

RW: What I diagnose in England is pure pragmatism and this pragmatism will ruin us. Out of pragmatism all social acquisitions are being risked, acquisitions which we fought for for many years after the war. Out of pragmatism Blair marched along this insane war, it is about cold and materialistic things, nothing else.

SZ: Yet Blair and Bush are known to be very religious.

RW: Which makes it even worse, but that’s not the decisive point. This war was a huge mistake, regardless. We will see that in the future.

SZ: You are very disappointed in Labour.

RW: There’s no Labour Party anymore. There are the Tories and there are the other Tories.The one Tories are called Tories, the others are called New Labour. What ever that is about.

I think maybe that I am jealous of his adulation! Eric The Fish for P.M. You know it makes sense.

Next week I shall talk about RLJ without bothering to read his wafflings!
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