Slippy The Snake

Reading yesterday's Giardian in The Baltic Fleet, I was taken by the nostalgia caused by the inclusion of a Whizzer and Chips comic from 1978. I was getting this around that time so probably would have bought this at the time from the pongy woman's shop (See, even the word 'pongy' evokes balloon-capture memories).

On page 2 of the edition, we have an amazing offer of lifetime membership of the Funlines Joke Club for 60p. For that princely sum (the comic itself is 8p) readers would rceive a diploma (a bit like the GCSEs nowadays - ooh there'll be letters), and a super club badge.

The club is meant for people who 'like playing jokes on school mates, chums, Mums and Dads, even Teacher'. This probably does not involve the downloading of the Terrorist's Handbook, writing fantasy essays on Columbine or making videos of explosions.

The lifetime membership bit is interesting. Is this what Nick Griffin envisages when offering this for gold-plated Nutzies? A bit more than 60p though. Fewer jokes (unless you count Richard Barnbrook) but just as slimy as Sid's Snake.

Off to the Davis Cup tomorrow. A bit disconcrting to see all those union jacks and BNP (Paribas) adverts on the sides. Must plan my smuggling of food and drink in advance.