Hate Mail

There were two interesting but disturbing crimes covered by Crimewatch on BBC 1 tonight; a harrowing and horrific sexual assault on a pregnant woman and a plea for information on a poison pen writer.

The first offence is covered by the Mail as Heavily Pregnant Woman Raped... and the BBC video is here.

The suspects appear to be black and/or Asian. Whilst most of the comments are predictably - and perhaps understandably angry at this despicable act; some demanding capital punishment - others take the opportunity to blame Gordon Brown, the police and to make the usual childish grunts about prison holiday camps. Then there is the sizeable section that picks up on the description of the alleged perpetrators:


David Cameron - get us out of Europe, get rid of the human rights law, bring back corporal and capital punishment, bring back National Service, get rid of immigration and make our prisons something to be feared, not the luxury 5 star hotels they have become. If you could promise us this, you would win the next election with a landslide victory.

- Cathy, Watford, England, 29/9/2009 12:21

* alk about a breakdown in society, harsh penalties and if possible deportation to where ever they came from. Home grown's should have longer sentences to compensate.

- lionel Clarke, macclesfield, Cheshire,

it just couldn't get any worse.... can it???? what are the police doing? diversity training no doubt and hugging these criminal filth in case they are prosecuted..

- Wilcox, Hereford, 29/9/2009 10:38

Na, no need in convictions, just execute them all there and then.

- Chris, North East, 29/9/2009 11:02

Somebody remind me of the benefits of mass immigration,because i cannot think of any.

- Chris, Edinburgh,U.K, 29/9/2009 14:29

There are even more rapes in countries ruled by sharia law mohammed as you very well know, only men are included more often among the victims in those countries than they are here. And women there do not bother to report the rapes because they would be killed by their families for adultery

- sandy, outer space - thank God!,

Well Europe opened the door to other many far away countries, not enough with dealing with crime of their own. Now also has to deal with crime of other outside.
In a few years we won't be able to walk outside the house, not even indoors. Close the borders please if you want crime to go down 80 per cent. And please who is opposite to this comment, whether is an ignorant or are these people themselves. Think many years ago crime wasn't that but and why? Think.
Well, I forgot to mention that also crime of people of our own country is related to the government so nice on benefits (and law). So getting rid of giving away benefit and closing the borders, crime will be down, a lot!

- Peter, London, 29/9/2009 12:17

A database of all DNA Paul is all well and good but if these are illegal immigrants how would you go about getting their DNA? We need to pull out of Europe repeal the 1951 human rights act. Then deal with these people without fear of their human rights being violated. A vote on the re introduction of capital and corporal punishment would be a start.

- Colonel Mustard, Oldham England,
Soon all that will be left of the UK will be immigrants, criminals and those too lazy to get off their backsides and work. Not a great future and it's nearly too late!

- Louise, France, 29/9/2009 16:28

These kind of crimes were unheard of thirty years ago.

What's different now ? We all know, but we're not allowed to say in case someone gets offended.

- up to our necks in Brown, suffolk, which used to be in England, 29/9/2009 14:04
this is what Britain is becoming - THIRD WORLD with Third World crime. This can only get worse and will get worse until we address mass immigration. We also need to get A LOT tougher on crime, we should re-introduce capital punishment and chemical castration for these types of crimes. Only ONE party that I know off that would do this.

- Nick, Brackley, 29/9/2009 14:2
he only way I can see of stopping this type of crime is to deport the WHOLE FAMILY. Even if the culprits have been born here, by committing crime they have violated our codes and thus shouldn't be allowed to stay under any circumstances. It may even be self policiing by the families as they won't want to be deported.

- mosey, yeovil, 29/9/2009 13:28
What if they are illegal immigrants Paul. Do you think they would drop in and say take my DNA before I vanish in the crowd?. There are that many immigrants here that there is no chance of a 100% database.But like most who want the DNA database you have not thought it out.

- Pat, UK not EU, 29/9/2009 11:53

The government should offer £100.000 to all brits who want to emigrate, that would free up more space for illegal immigrants. Labour might win the next election, get everybody who is left in britain on welfare then its all sorted.

- david, yorkshire, 29/9/2009 13:37

One has to ask ones self whether this has been kept from the public to promote the myth of racial harmony. If the Police circulate horrific crimes like this and give out a description stating their ethnic group people gasp and say this is not good for race relations. When will someone get it into their head that we do not have racial harmony we have fragmented ethnic sections. The only thing we do not have yet is the Northern Island sectarian walls.

- Michael, Birmingham, 29/9/2009 14:01
This happens several times a day in THIS country. it's just not reported.

- AA, Herts, 29/9/2009 13:50
Also why is it always, or certainly seems to be, black or Asian perpertrators.
Muggings, rapes etc, it always seems to be the same, where is mindless yobbery seems to be the province of white scumbags.

- C Johnston, Indonesian expat, 29/9/2009

Phew! had enough yet? Great to see the usual assortment of ex-pats moaning about immigrants, and barking mad legal experts.

So, why is this important? Well, let's go on to the second story covered by Crimewatch but not by the Mail. Over to the Guardian:

  • Police are hunting an elderly letter writer responsible for sending more than 50 racially abusive letters to people across the country, including the prime minister.

    The letters, some sexually explicit in content, have been sent to schools, hospitals, mosques, universities, doctors' surgeries and private individuals, leaving some recipients "extremely distressed".

  • Clippings from the Daily Mail have been included in many envelopes, which often also include cartoon drawings.
  • According to Hampshire police, which is heading the investigation, the letters are all pro-English in content and racially inflammatory, with many appearing to have been sent in response to Daily Mail articles. All the letters are offensive and racist against a wide variety of nationalities and cultures.


Anonymous said...

So you admit name calling via the Mail is treated on the same par if
not worse than murderers and rapists? What a complete farce and waste of time and money. Its mind control freaks like you and Harriet Harman who support this nonsense, you dont even have the guts to admit you have no defence agaist the likes of the BNP other than resorting to censorship and violence in order to stop people voiceing genuine concerns. Like Labour you are finished!!

eric the fish said...

Nowhere does the article make the claim that the two are the same; read the bloody thing. I did not mention murder either.

No defence against the BNP? You really are stupid or haven't been reading. Perhaps you could go on a course with your local council for learning English as a second language.

Anonymous said...

•According to Hampshire police, which is heading the investigation, the letters are all pro-English in content and racially inflammatory, with many appearing to have been sent in response to Daily Mail articles. All the letters are offensive and racist against a wide variety of nationalities and cultures.....Pro English what the hells that????

Anonymous said...

Looney's are out in force today aren't they?

Great piece.

Anonymous said...

ERIC SAID...Nowhere does the article make the claim that the two are the same; read the bloody thing
So why lead with the title "HATE MAIL"? Is the horrific rape of a pregnant woman and other physical crimes less important to you? You have again shown your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with regard to the so called 'poison pen mail'. Get your priorities right for once. Regarding the dreadful rape you are oblivious to the perpatrators nationality is this because you are blinded by your Masters social engineering policiy. Just because birds have feathers that does not make them the same. This is what you would like lower intellects believe. You crank!!!