Kissinger Moment

The Telegraph reports that Nigel 'it must be a face it's got ears' Farage is to defy convention and stand against Commons Speaker John Bercow.

  • Mr Farage said: “This man represents all that is wrong with British politics today. He was embroiled in the expenses saga and he presides over a Parliament that virtually does nothing.
As Farage admitted to Labour MP Derek McShane, his own expenses bill since becoming an MEP is not to be sniffed at.
  • "It is a vast sum," Farage said. "I don't know what the total amount is but - oh lor - it must be pushing £2 million."
No further comment is needed.


Looks like Nick Griffin is getting ready to throw the towel in over the EHRC challenge over its membership rules. Whether this is on advice from Counsel or financial expediency is unclear. Whether this is a positive thing or a publicity coup for the BNP is also open to question.