Beep Beep and Beep Beep Yeah

The number of uninsured drivers on the UK's roads has been a concern for many years. I once knew someone who had driven for 41 years without a licence or insurance. He managed to evade detection simply because he was a competent - and more crucially - a lucky driver. He was only found out when another, negligent driver collided with him.

I'm not sure but I'd hazrd a guess that he paid road tax as this needs to be displayed lest Lovely Rita or her equivalent spots this oversight.

Therefore, whilst the Motor Insurers' Bureaux trumpets the fact that there are more convictions now, the simple solution seems to be to have a similar system whereby your insurance has tobe shown in your vehicle. Unworkable? Not cost effective? Perhaps I'm just naive on a subject I know little. Favourite car? Oh, probably a red one.