Beggaring Belief (Updated)

There was an unfortunate slip of the tongue on radio today when the newsreader announced that (the) BNP had discovered oil in Mexico. I thought Nick Griffin had been swimming in Cancun.

We received another begging letter from Uncle Nick today. it concerned the court case brought by the EHRC (of which I'm in two minds).

  • The next few months will be critical to the Party's future. We have to defeat the Equalities Commission's attempt to criminalise our Party, but fighting court cases does not come cheap. That's why I am asking EVERYONE receiving this email bulletin to text the word 'DONATE' to *****
  • I need you to do this immediately - yes RIGHT NOW. At the moment we need every penny that can be spared for our legal fight back, not to mention the routine running costs in keeping one of the largest political organisations in the country ticking over.
The number to text to is repeated 4 times. i know most BNP members would struggle to remember their own IQ figures, this takes some beating. Still, judging by the incompetence displayed by the BNP's crack(ed) legal team, those £3 texts are badly needed.
  • Today I am in court in London for the opening salvo of the Equalities Commission legal case concerning our "British-only" membership policy
As the BBC reports:
  • Mr Griffin and fellow party officers Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby did not attend the hearing at Central London County Court.
  • The case was adjourned to give the BNP more time to prepare a defence, after the court was told the party had only instructed its counsel, Jonathan O'Mahoney, at 5pm on Tuesday.
  • (The Judge) said the BNP had known since June about the possibility of legal action and said it was "unfair" of the party to have instructed Mr O'Mahoney at the last minute.

    He therefore ordered the BNP to pay the costs of the hearing.

Further evidence of why the BNP is a racist bunch of shits comes in their treatment of two events that took place over the Bank Holiday weekend. In Liverpool we had the Mathew Street Festival, which I attended. There was a lot of merriment despite the deteriorating weather and there was some drunkenness. Merseyside Police stated that around 230 people were arrested - mostly for minor public order offences connected to drink and drugs. There were some witness accounts of minor scuffles and morons throwing cans of lager, but given the amount of people attending, this was a good result on the whole.

The Notting hill Carnival took place in London. Readers may recall BNP councillor Richard Barnbrook (who seems to have disappeared of late) wanted to ban this due to violent clashes occurring (and obviously nothing to do with the colour of some of the participants). Police report that there were 215 arrests, again mostly for minor offences. There appears to have been a stabbing and some minor skirmishes. unfortunately, this is part and parcel of any major gathering these days.

You can guess what's coming. The BNP cover the Carnival (with a little help from their friends at The Mail) and has this to say:
  • Predictably, the “celebration” of African coloniser culture in the heart of London ended in running battles with police and reports of several stabbings.
  • Chief Inspector Edwards said police had used CCTV to track several gangs of “youths” (which is a code word for black youngsters) who were “intent on causing trouble, at times throwing bottles at officers.”
  • The Notting Hill Carnival is nothing more than the colonisers of London putting on a show of how they have been able to take over Britain’s capital and turn it into a Third World cesspit.
If this vile hatred were not bad enough, let's see what the Neanderthal members have to say:
  • Since when did a bunch of bongo drum players, limbo dancers and half-naked women with feathered headresses (trying to embarass the police) constitute culture?
  • Knife violence is endemic and gangs of thugs go around carrying guns and dealing hard drugs. Women are not safe, rape is commonplace and the whole atmosphere wreaks of intimidation and threat.
  • We need a new system of instant justice and police prisons to keep people locked up for short periods who are caught red handed whilst their deportation arrangements are made
  • The carnival does not belong here, African culture can be celebrated to your hearts bloody Africa!
  • If I want to be "enriched" by Pakistani or African culture then I will travel to asia and Africa,I don't want them here
  • Time is running out for the invited invaders who have no respect at all for our great nation, so get them out by persuasion or EVICT them.
  • This bongo party is a disgusting multi culti stain on our Nation

Bastards. The lot of them. No wonder they keep on giving to the odious party of hate.

UPDATE: 3rd September

It seems Griffin is preparing his members for a climb down. In another begging email, he asks for £20,000 within a week if the Party is to continue to fight this case and a further £60,000 before the adjourned hearing.

Of course, he has managed to put spin on this, so that he is portrayed as the victim.
  • Either we shift our position or we will be utterly crushed. That fact was established beyond any possible doubt when the judge ruled that we must pay the thousands of pounds of costs of today’s hearing.
This is an outright lie. Costs against were ordered because he failed to comply with court procedures. This is par for the course for his lot, but it means that his followers are misled into believing the court had made a ruling of fact on the case. It was his request for an adjournment and negligently late instruction of new Counsel that led to the costs order.

His pathetic attempts to attain victim status even arrives at this staggering piece of logic:
  • Our lawyers’ highly compelling argument that the principle of Equality of Arms means that CEHR should fund our defence (as they would indeed assist any organisation representing literally any other ethnic group) was simply brushed aside by CEHR’s own lawyers, and thus not even considered by the court.
The last sentence defies belief (and does not even make sense). It's also confusing that he uses the acronym CEHR rather than EHRC!

Perhaps most chilling is this subtle dog whistle for neo-Nazis to stand firm:
  • "I have no doubt that it is possible to redraft our constitution so as to ensure we comply with the new law while at the same time holding true to our core principles and most important of all to our purpose – to secure a future for the true children of our islands."
This is a reference to white supremacist David Lane's 14 words, regularly used by BNP members and Stormfront posters - ""We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

The EHRC action may not have been the most appropriate tactic, but it should make for interesting times.


Uponnothing said...

Wow. Whenever someone says that the BNP 'aren't racist' they should be forced to read that.

Sim-O said...

I noticed they've started using the words 'coloniser' and 'invader' a lot more in their posts, too.

bat020 said...

They've also started systematically using the term "indigenous people" instead of "white" or "British".

The basic idea is to take the terminology of the anti-racist and anti-colonialist movements, but invert it so that they become the victims. See also how the BNP claims that everyone apart from themselves is "fascist".

Mind you, the fact that they're forced into trying to hijack progressive language is in a funny way testament to an ideological weakness on their part.

They can no longer express their views directly in the openly racist and supremacist language of their forebears, instead they have to code everything they say in the language of their enemies.

eric the fish said...

Some pertinent points there.
Their hope is that by constantly calling opponents Fascists etc, the mud will stick.