Ground Control to Major Dumb

Over at the Mailwatch forums there is a regular feature about Mail readers taking harmless non-political stories to make an hilarious comment about the Government. Today's beaut comes from space cadet Martin.

In the story concerning the discovery of a planet that could contain life blah blah blah, there cometh a giant leap from a man if not a giant leap for mankind:

  • Sorry but we've already found non human simple organic organisms.

    Gordon Brown
    Hattie Hatemenperson
    John Prescott
    Geoff Who
    The Millipede sisters

    However, we haven't found anything intelligent amongst them.

If you know Martin feel free to point at him in the street and don't worry about calling him Martian either. He'll appreciate the puerile nature.


Alex said...

"Hattie Hatemenperson"? 'Harperson' was almost amusing, but apparently not good enough for some. Martin is obviously so consumed with bile for this woman, he needed to extend her real humorous moniker to the point where you have to stare at it for five minutes to work out who he means. And it's even less funny.