Ely Post Office Scandal Update

Further to the 'Postgate' scandal I covered here, it seems that although the local Mersey BNP bigots and the main BNP site have deleted their stories, BNP supporters in Derby continue to trumpet it. Originally, they urged people to take action by writing to the post office and said, "We must BOYCOTT muslim businesses. DON'T use their shops or taxis.

Now, they helpfully provide us with a letter they received from the Post Office, which clearly states that there is no foundation in the accusations made (that the proprietor refused service to a woman because she wanted to post a parcel to her son serving in Afghanistan):

  • When are people going to wake up to the fact that we are losing our country to invaders backed by those arrogant, self-centred dhimmi’s in charge?

    Don’t take things lying down. Protest by email, telephone calls and letters. Let these people know we will not stand by and watch while they infest our lands with traitors to Queen and Country.
Now nobody knows the truth as only a handful of people were present during the alleged incident. However, having seen the YouTube footage of the complainant, I know who my money is on.