The Ride of The Valkyries

I mentioned the odious BNP's attempts to align itself to the Royal British Legion in an earlier post.

The Times reports that a veterans' charity has accepted money from the BNP. This has been a difficult decision for the organization and indeed it was not originally known that the BNP had its murky fingers on the notes.

The BNP-linked English Defence League, which caused mayhem in Birmingham city centre for the second time, at the weekend, is also seeking to hitch a ride on good causes. Although the Help 4 Heroes charity is somewhat tainted by its support from The Sun, its reputation is in danger of being tarnished by an association with these football hooligan Nazis.

The EDL is selling 'No Surrender' shirts on eBay with a percentage of the proceeds going to H4H.

As I've said before, all charities are under pressure, but there comes a time when principles dictate that blood money cannot be accepted.

Anyone concerned about this development may wish to register a comment on the H4H website.
I am of the view that original letters rather than pro forma templates hold more weight.

The H4H website is here.