Savage: Pride of Lyin'

I chanced upon a racing fanatic's biro-stained Daily Mirror today and journeyed to the football pages to laugh at Chelsea. I came across a column by famous diplomat Robbie Savage of Derby County.

Says St. Robbie of Wrexham Central,

  • ...the sight of Nathan Tyson waving a Forest corner flag in front of our supporters while other Forest officials cavorted around could have caused a riot.
Of course, he hasn't always been such a beacon of virtue, particularly with his new fans at Derby:
  • In his first season for Leicester, in the final minute of a league game between rivals Leicester and Derby at Pride Park, Savage dived in the penalty area. Leicester were awarded the penalty, which was converted, and meant they won the game 3-2. Savage's blatant dive, his hopeful look at the referee and his aggressive fist-pumping celebration in front of the home fans resulted in a torrent of abuse from the fans and in Savage being chased across the pitch by incensed Derby players...(Wiki)
As another Mirror columnist, Brian Reade pointed out earlier this year,
  • Further proof that when God was handing out brains, Savage was laying a cable in the referee’s changing room.
Oh, Robbie, another thing. I haven't forgiven you for being part of the Leicester side that defeated Tranmere in the League Cup Final.