English Defence League: The Real Face (Updated)

Further to my post about the use of charities and good causes by the far Right, I have received an email from Help 4 Heroes. They say they will look into it.

In the meantime, as with our BNP members, the EDL recruits have interesting friends.

Take Trevor Kelway, the main point of contact for the media. On Facebook he has the following mates:

  • Frank Atack who like BNP member Gary Aronsson likes his SS insignia. Whereas Gazza plumped for the Totenkopf (3rd Division), Frank opts for the 2nd division, Das Reich as his avatar. One of Frank's friends also has a Waffen SS picture. Frank stood for the BNP in Dewsbury in 2007 and is in a folk band, Red Claire with other BNP members.
  • Ian Sayers who has a Sunderland Vote BNP avatar
  • Sean Barry who goes for an Ulster red Hand 'No Surrender'
  • Roger Phillips (Wales BNP) who proudly shows a picture taken with Nick Griffin
  • Paul Tranter who has a charming bulldog with a superimposed union flag. Tranter himself includes local Liverpool BNP activist Peter Stafford Jr, BNP councillor and drink driver, Bob Bailey and a man with Adolf Hitler as an avatar.
  • Wewantour countryback who has a 'No Surrender' UK Casuals United avatar, this being a right-wing group of football hooligans.
  • Dave Brennan - friends with Liverpool BNP. Indeed, this brings us full circle as many of the allies of LiverpoolBNP are the same as those for the EDL, including SS devotee Frank Atack
I could go on and it may seem boring to constantly bang on about these people but I think it is important. Pete Molloy of Liverpool BNP is a well-known figure on Merseyside. He is the weird chap who seems to wear his medals at any given opportunity (despite Royal British Legion disdain for connecting them to political activity). Perhaps he sleeps with them too.

Now Pete, as I've said before, has some interesting friends himself. Perhaps the most disturbing is the vile character that is Chris 'Scoobsta' Hardy of Leicester. This BNP member stood for the party in the local council elections and is a regular contributor to the BNP site. Strange then that Hardy should choose as his avatar, the logo of the British Freedom Fighters. This pseudo-paramilitary gang has some amazing (if not very literate) views:

  • BFF - Our recent history evolves around full on street action, we started the BFF after a split with the ASF, allthough I started the ASF,, I didn't want to be associated with some of the committee for there actions which was dishonourable, a few felt the same way and followed me, hence the BFF was formed, and also because at the time we wasn't aware that other groups was our way of thinking, I started the BFF, but as such I don't see myself as the leader, we kind of all work together, we have divisions were there is a person who people go to for ops, I suppose a organizer would be a good word, our plans for the future is to take our streets back, and inspire other groups to join in, we will be looking at venturing further abroad, and want full on unity with other groups and orgs, that are our way of thinking, and want the same thing.

Now, I know that's difficult to decipher and not the greatest advert for the supremacy of the white indigenous people, but it gives a clear indication of what type of person is countenanced within BNP ranks despite Griffin's assertions that they have no truck with extremists. Indeed, Griffin claims that the EDL is a proscribed organization but the evidence shows this to be a sham.

  • RVF (Racial Volunteer Force)- Would you say that you are a nationalist socialist organisation?
  • BFF - Indeed I do, we don't live in the past of Hitler, but we do live by the principles of what he started, it is proven the only political ideology that put into practice actually works, works for our kin, our race, other ideals like communism, has proven to be very destructive, and has never worked.

Some eye-opening names there. 'Achtung Totalt Aryan Propagand', and the usual Nazi and paramilitary and insignia. Note that Emma Colgate, a BNP councillor and leading light in the BNP Euro office is also a friend of Hardy.

Perhaps these are the things Griffin should be tackled on when he goes on Question Time rather than the old favourites, which he is now becoming adept at returning with spin.

Much debate will go on about how to tackle this vermin. I'm not convinced mine is the appropriate way but I do think it is clear that the 'no platform' policy is outdated in its original form. Strong arguments have been made as to the danger of legitimising the BNP through debate (and the QT format is a tired one these days).

I felt that labour missed a trick during the Euro debate in the North-West by boycotting it, whilst the others merely refused to sit in the same studio as Griffin. In that debate - in which Griffin was questioned but not involved directly - Chris Davies MEP came over very well for the Lib Dems. He has indicated that he would be willing to take Griffin on.

Maybe one problem is that like all the pre-election stories, the BNP will feast on publicity whether they are afforded special treatment or not.