Simple Simon and Dennis The Menace

On 3rd September 2009, the BNP website had this to say about the English Defence League:

  • The British National Party has declared the “English Defence League” a proscribed organisation and it will be a disciplinary offence for any party member to be involved with that group.
  • “The British National Party does not wish to be associated with the English Defence League in any way whatsoever.” Mr Butler’s circular ended with a request for any party official who becomes aware of any member who breaks this rule to report such incidents to
So, maybe someone will report Deputy Leader and Euro-funded officer worker for having a dreaded EDL sympathiser as one of his Facebook friends, Dennis Phillips, the EDL T shirt wearer.

Same old BNP lies. Why the media falls for this I do not know.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right, Eric the wise. Simon Darby individually screens all of his Facebook 'friends'. I don't know how the BNP can even function with such elucidate postings as this -- suddenly all is made clear! Kudos to you.

eric the fish said...

If he doesn't then he's a moron. FFor a so-called expert on t'internet and his boring meanderings on his crap Broadband connections it doesn't look too good.

Even you will realise that you do not have to accept Facebook friends.
My piont has always been that one or two might slip through but the sheer number of Nazis being linked to by BNP bods is overwhelming evidence.

I've got friends with different views but I think I'd notice if they had a fucking swastika avatar. Comprendez?

WTF is 'elucidate postings'?

And in any event, compared to the other posts on the Facebook Fash, this was a bit more light-hearted.

Rayatcov said...

We can only have democracy on your terms then. Wonderful

Anonymous said...


You are correct. I happen to like Simon so I disagree with the moron bit, but I never accept anyone on Facebook who I don't know personally.

WTF is 'elucidate postings'?

Oops! That's what I get for ranting right before going to bed. I meant erudite {blush}.

Dee said...

EDF is not a nationalist group, but spoilers and saboteurs. They should be not be entertained.

eric the fish said...

To be fair, Eyebrow man for all I dig at him, is one of the more articulate members of the BNP. Whereas Barnbrook comes across as a fool, Darby can seem reasoned.

We all make mistakes (which is why I try not to post after coming home from the pub!)

@Dee. You mean EDL? It seems to be a gathering of football hooligans up for a ruck (which in turn attracts opposition thugs). There is - as I've shown - more than a hint of BNP involvement. Darby's faux pas may be small but the rest of the party has direct links to these people.

@Rayatcov- explain where I have said anything anti-democratic.

Anonymous said...


I have to ask -- did you take the pictures in your flickr photo display?

eric the fish said...

My photos on flickr. Not great but getting better.

Jeannine said...

I just looked at them all earlier today and I'm impressed. You may be my foe politically and morally, but you're a damn good photographer. You manage to capture the mood and not just the setting.

Anonymous said...

eric the fish said...
To be fair, Eyebrow man for all I dig at him, is one of the more articulate members of the BNP ......So you know many in the BNP do you, now you depress me.

eric the fish said...
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eric the fish said...

Is hairball your name or is it directed to me? As with a lot of illiterate BNP boys and girls' offerings, it takes a bit of working out.

You'd be surprised how many I know or have heard. The evidence is there. So many cannot string a sentence together (whether on paper or audio). Read the BNP site and laugh at the amoeba lambasting foreigners for not speaking English.

I know a good electric railway line you could play on...