Now That's What I Call Amusing

The Daily Mail is to launch its own record label - perhaps influenced by the BNP's vinyl solution, Great White Records. The Guardian has had some fun over this and some of the suggestions for tracks to be featured (notwithstanding when the tabloids do this sort of thing, it's usually embarrassing) are very good.

So here comes the plagiarism bit:

  1. 'Santa Claus Isn't Coming to Town Because He's Been Banned By Barmy EU Health and Safety Regulations and a Bonkers PC Town Council Who Were Worried He'd Offend an Ethnic Minority Group, Even Though They Had No Such Qualms About Celebrating Eid, the Chinese New Year and Every Other Bloody Foreign Shindig on the Calendar, I Mean For God's Sake Have We Forgotten Whose Country This Is?'.

    (along with the B-side, 'Alright, So He Hasn't Been Banned, a Small Town Council in the West Midlands Just Decided Not To Use The Father Christmas-Shaped Illumination In Their Christmas Lights Display After He Blew Up Last Year, Still, Makes You Wonder What We Fought a War For, Eh?')

  2. Bigot Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
  3. Road To Hell (In A Hardcart) (Chris Rea)
  4. It's the End of the World as we Know it (And I Feel Outraged) (REM)
  5. Ebony and Ivory (will never live together in perfect harmony if we have anything to do with it, right lads?) (Macca and Wonder)
  6. Take My Benefits Away (Berlin)
  7. Candle in the Wind (was removed due to bonkers EU Health & Safety legislation) (Elton)
  8. Gimme shelter, but not those bastard asylum seekers (Stones)
  9. Worry! Don't be Happy! (Bobbie McFerrin)
  10. Enoching on Heaven's Door (Dylan)
  11. Oswald Mosley Shoals - Ocean Colour Scene
  12. (send them) Back for good - Hate That
  13. Back to Blackshirts - Amy Whinehouse
  14. Our House (is depreciating in value faster than any other on our street) (Madness)
  15. All I Want For something to moan about
  16. We gotta fight, for our right, to the British National Paaaaaaaaaaaatay! (Beastie Boys)
  17. Ain't No Sunshine (because the political-correctness-gone-mad-EU-fun-police have said we can't have it any more)
  18. Another brick in the (Polish-built) wall (floyd)
  19. Mailman bring me some blues
  20. The Wedding album - Madonna (John and Yoko)
Childish fun but necessary.


Edmund Standing said...

'Speaking to Music Week, The Mail on Sunday editor, Peter Wright, said ... "There are some wonderfully talented people in the music industry, but I think they are a bit traditional in their thinking."

His main aim is to bring something fresh to the music industry.


The group’s debut album, Christmas With The Choir, will be released on 14 December'.


Right, so choral music at Christmas isn't 'traditional' and is in fact 'fresh'?!

eric the fish said...

Yeh but elf n safety have banned all the other choirs apart from that one I saw in Liverpool last night and thoose adverts on TV for Welsh miners ruining Imagine.

It's just a start. I'm sure Andy Kershaw's World Music Selection will be one of the next ones.

Mein Kampf mit Wagner.