BNP Not Racist. My Arse!

Edmund at I Kid You Not via Harry's Place had a valuable expose of some of the bedfellows of BNP members. The party and their apologists continually claim that they are not a racist party. Time after time supporters will say that there is nothing in their official publications that openly incites racial intolerance.

However, when we see what they actually stand for, we see how hateful and prejudiced they are.
They have, over this last few months, decried the lack of freedom of speech whilst preventing it themselves.

Obviously any newspaper or blogger does not necessarily share the views of anyone posting comments. However, the general tone of comments and acceptance thresholds tell us more about both The Daily Mail and the BNP.

As an example, on eyebrow farmer Simon Darby's blog he posts a pretty picture of rural Norfolk.
This leads to a predictable comment from one of his foot soldiers, jao7:

  • Nice brown field site. 'Spect a few thousand homes for the invaders or pikies will be blotting the landscape in due course! Which will mean an end to the local wildlife in due course, to be replaced by ....well 'new wildlife' as it were!.