Global Exclusive

I have on occasions taken the proverbial out of world-shattering stories in newspapers across the globe. Last January I mentioned that our own local paper had headlined the massive scoop that a schoolboy had received a credit card application form.

Now we hear that the financial institutions are tightening their belts as the credit crunch hits. As ever, the Wirral Globe is hot on the trail. An EXCLUSIVE by Carol Emmas is the lead story in the final paper of 2008.


AN UNCLE who wanted to give his niece a new £50 note as a gift was told by “Scrooge” Lloyds TSB to pay a £5 administration charge.

Outrage! Surely this cannot be right?

“I was just about to hand over two twenties and a ten to the gentleman behind the counter, when a senior assis-tant stepped in and said they couldn’t make the exchange without charging a five pound administration fee, and that it was company policy,” said Mr Williams.

“For 15 years I had been away at sea, and now I won’t budge at Christmas as it is very special to me.

“I just wanted to give my niece something nice.

A spokeswoman for Lloyds TSB said: “Because the gentleman was not a customer we had to apply the standard administration charge for money changing.

So well done Carol. Your relatives must be so proud of you getting a front page exclusive, complete with photo of Mr W clutching two twenty pound notes and a tenner. This is what your career was leading up to.It may not be as good as the gig Barry Bragg has writing about the 300+ Michelin starred restaurants in Wirral offering 'generous portions' whilst carrying adjacent adverts, but it's early days.

I particularly like the way the word 'assistant' retains its hyphen in the online version.


The Daily Mail now have this earth-shattering story. Madness.


Anton Vowl said...

Ah, the classic sub-editor's trick, hyphenating a word to make the paragraph a bit longer. Never mattered in the days before stories got uploaded onto the web...

eric the fish said...

Now the Mail have printed it. Must have a work experience kid to trawl the freesheets for Bonkers Britain shit like this.

The kid should be grateful to get in spendable amounts. I once tried cashing a £50 note in Brentford. My slightly scouse tones were met with suspicion darn sarf. A bank (ironically Lloyds changed it without charge)

They do seem to have admin charges for changing bags of coins though.