I Don't Know Much About Art But...........................

The Guardian invited 5000 people to download an original artwork of Turner Prize winner Keith Tyson. The work is based on his History set and depicts random configurations of the colours seen on a roulette wheel.

  • History Paintings

    Each of the paintings in this series consists of 49 identical strips, coloured with red, green or black aluminium powder, depending on what the roulette wheel instructed Tyson to paint. Three large-scale works are named after cities with famous casinos, together with momentous years of social upheaval in their history (e.g. St Petersburg 1905), while 12 smaller calendar works are named after locations of casinos together with a month of the year.

I managed to download one as a pdf file which has been converted to jpg with free software hence the watermark. Not seen any on eBay yet!

Official site here.


It has reached eBay!

[As the eBay seller has created an account for this very purpose, one wonders how serious this is......or whether this is all a publicity stunt. Good fun though.]

FLICKR group here.

Project proposed on the Guardian Blog:
  • We hope to create crowd sourced internet art with the community of winners that we can gift back to Keith Tyson. There is nothing sinister behind our intentions.

    I recently completed my Masters with the University of Arts London; my thesis was on Internet art and the phenomenon of crowdsourcing. I am really passionate about this area, and was inspired to create something with this community. I'm sorry if it seems vague, it is a little, as we only just started working on it. The people that have got in touch are just happy as I am to be a winner, and I think would like to be involved in a collaborative internet art project in this spirit.

    Just to assure you we will not do anything with peoples personal details; we are very aware of data protection. We are not associated with Keith Tyson, just fans of his History Paintings project and keen to foster a community to create some collaborative art.

    Best wishes,