Hallelujah! The Sex Factor

Tonight sees the announcement of the winner of the X Factor. I'll do my best to avoid the monstrosity but will no doubt find it hard to avoid the result. I comfort myself that it will come in handy for the Pub Quiz at a later stage.

As many people have already pointed out, this year's winner/cash cow will be releasing a version of Leonard Cohen's celebrated 'Hallelujah' to top the Christmas chart. One more reason why Christmas should be banned.

Anyway, some busy people have suggested that if people buy a proper version - Jeff Buckley's haunting rendition for example - that this might make it all better.

The song, for those unfortunate enough to have missed it, has an interesting history. Written by Leonard Cohen (noted for his music-to-slash-your-wrists-to) it has numerous verses in the original format. Add to that the tragic death of Buckley and we have a song graced with legendary status.

What will be interesting is that as the lyrics are overtly sexual, will the BBC 'ban this filth now' or just not explain what 'I remember when I moved in you,' may mean.

My favourite cover is by Buckley but Rufus Wainwright does a good job too. Also, see John Cale and Cohen's own version. The video of Cohen has a choir doing a bad job of hiding behind posts before they enter.