BNP Humour By-pass

From the BNP site:

  • Hastings BNP will not back down to intimidation from a self-confessed lying journalist working for the local newspaper, says Nick Prince, BNP organiser.
  • The chief reporter at the Hastings and St Leonards newspaper, Richard Morris, who is the chief culprit behind the anti-democratic harassment campaign, has a lesser known role as an alleged stand-up comic.

    A video of one of his performances, which can be found on You Tube, contains some interesting remarks about himself and his profession.

    His opening crack is of particular importance: “I am a journalist… [hisses and boos] … I expected I’d get that so I was toying with the idea of telling you I was a sex offender, thinking I’d get a slightly warmer reaction. But I do believe honesty is the best policy — except at work of course.”

Not that the BNP or its paper of choice The Mail would be less than honest.

Here's one from a Christmas cracker. what's the difference between the humourless BNP and the miserable Daily Mail? Not a lot it would seem.