Lee Barnes: Voice of the Real BNP

The nationalists were glibly claiming victory in Liverpool, whilst hiding behind a police force they had earlier denounced as being Stalinist and an instrument of the state. It is always interesting to see these cowards latch on to human rights legislation and police protection when they need to. Hypocrisy is one of the words the BNP fail to understand.

The chilling factor is that they have a legal beagle in their throng: step forward Lee J Barnes LLbB (Hons), would-be lawyer to the knuckle-dragging scum (as Mail columnist Littlejohn is wont to describe them).

On his blog he displays all the weapons he has in his intellectual arsenal.

  • Amongst the scum terrorists in India were British born Pakistani terrorists it now appears.
  • Is this the benefits of diversity ?

    Is this the benefits of Multi-Culturalism ?
Perhaps Ali G has infiltrated the BNP. Maybe Tim Westwood has decided to bring his posse to the cause. Who knows? Lee has the answers:
  • All I see is middle class, British born terrorists bombing Britain, Israel, involved in terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan and now targeting British people in India. Yet the government and the left and the liberals all pump out the same 'multi-culturalism enriches us ' bullshit. Wrap the dead bodies of these Jihadist scum in pig skins and then bury them somewhere secret - that will stop future Jihadist attacks.
Ah yes, the old BNP line of 'not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslim'. As Beast of Bolsover highlights on the Mailwatch site, this tends to leave David Copeland out of the equation.
  • In May 1997, at the age of 21, he joined the British National Party, a right wing, anti-immigration party. Copeland acted as a steward at some BNP meetings, in the course of which he came into contact with the BNP leadership and was photographed standing next to John Tyndall, who was then leader of the BNP.
Like the papers that have brought shame by linking the Mumbai attacks with British Muslims, there is no sign of a retraction from ranting Lee. We can see his bully boy tactics on the Moral Maze with Melanie Phillips of The Mail here. If anyone was in any doubt why Mr Barnes LLB (Hons) does not practise law in any official capacity, then consider his advocacy style in that clip.) This is in spite of the so-called evidence of a link beginning to peter out as the BBC reports here.
  • Gordon Brown said he had spoken to India's prime minister, who "at no point" suggested there was evidence of any terrorist of British origins.
Barnes also seeks to infer that the attacks were primarily about targeting western, and in particular, white foreign nationals. Again, like much of the coverage of the events, he tries to play up the white racism card. Forget about the attacks on hospitals and the railway station, just cherry pick the incidents at the hotel.

The BBC has a better understanding. It details how the victims came from all walks of life.

Of course, bouncing bombs like Barnes need no excuse to peddle their lies and contortions. On his semi-literate blog - 21st Century British Nationalism - he splutters:
  • The day after the attacks on Mumbai I said that the attack was designed to target Whites - this has now been confirmed by one of the suriving terrorists.

    " He described how its mastermind briefed the group to ‘target whites, preferably Americans and British’. "
His source? Step forward the paper of choice for the BNP: The Daily Mail. A Symbiotic affair if ever I saw one. No further questions, your Honour.