Another BNP Clanger

From Simon 'Eyebrow farmer' Darby's blog:

  • I cannot let the week go by without a mention of the sad passing away of Oliver Postgate, the creator of Pogles' Wood, Noggin The Nog, Ivor The Engine, Bagpuss and The Clangers. Like many of you reading this I suspect, such programmes were an instrumental part of my childhood. So much so in fact that owing to the calming and almost hypnotic affect Mr Postgate's voice and characters have upon me, upon hearing a tribute on Radio Four recently, I literally had pull over and stop driving. What a contrast to the violent, degenerate, dehumanising, multicultural, Marxist trash Britain's children are expected to endure nowadays.
That would be the Oliver Postgate who was the grandson of Labour Party leader and campaigner on issues such as nuclear disarmament and climate change. Nice to see that genius can even be appreciated by those with an irony by-pass like Darby.

Obviously, such programmes were not that instrumental in making the man that Darby is today: the hate-filled, slimy bigot we are treated to on a daily basis. Maybe Oliver is having a chuckle today over tributes from people who are not worthy of sharing the same airspace as a clanger's fart.