......Or should I say Norwegian Weird

DAILY MAIL 25/07/07

Norwegian princess wants to teach people to talk to angels

Norwegian Princess Martha Louise has announced that she is clairvoyant and wants to help people by teaching them how to talk to angels.
The 35-year-old trained physical therapist and daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja said on a website for her alternative education centre that she has been communicating with angels since childhood.
The Astarte Education centre which she co-founded promises to teach students to "create miracles" in their lives "with angels and with your own force".

Eric says, " This is what happens when you allow Robbie Williams to mix with royalty."

Reminded of King Harald of Norway, I immediately thought about another crap advert on TV for Hastings Direct car insurance. I keep getting bombarded by these ads as well as bumf through the post. What is strange is that they have named their cute little character after Harold II, who won the Battle of Stamford Bridge (Chelsea tried to buy all the Saxons to keep on the hill but to no avail) but LOST the Battle of Hastings. There is much debate about what is being taught in schools in History but this is Lesson 1. The boy William of Normandy did do wicked things and became king of England. why would a company invest its future in a loser. Do Nike, Adidas et al ally themselves to the second-rate?

Maybe this could be a trend. We could have Waterloo Insurance headed by Napoleon, Bosworth Field trainers flogged by Richard III, and the next Election Highlights Video narrated by David Cameron.