One Step Forward

I got itchy fingers and clicked on the Next Blog button. Like Mount Everest, it was there. (btw is it still the highest? I know there is some doubt as to longest river, with the Amazonian Tendency threatening to use crayon in library books that claim the Nile is longer, so it needs to be clarified for future quizzes.)

At first, it was quite an interesting way of passing thirty seconds. there is such a diversity of subjects which the erstwhile blogger feels the need to inflict on/gift the world, from countdowns to baby No.6 to Jamie's Second Life avatar's thoughts on this life. However, it was the site belonging to a chap from Spain whose mission appears to be to share (albeit artisticall in black and white) pictures of his bottom, that caused the alarm bells to shatter the peace. I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason for this venture, and not being able to understand Spanish, I cannot elaborate further. Anyway, be aware that that magic button can on the one hand bring you a riveting discourse on the nature of social development, but can as easily land you with one man's struggle with pants deficiency.