Friday 13th

Quiz tonight, touch wood

I'm off to the quiz tonight so I'm hopeful that the perennial phobia question will be apt and be Paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday 13th. It's been a few weeks since 'Mother and Child' have taken the beer tokens (notwithstanding the clearly-contrary-to-EU-law device of deducting 2 points from our score when we win). Even West Ham United didn't get this sanction and we all know they deserved it. I'm not paranoid or bothered, but as the late great Tommy Cooper said, "it's not the principle, it's the money!" Even cunning attempts to disguise our team name (mutter und kind, mere et garcon etc....even Japanese characters.....even a picture of a gorilla with baby) have failed to prevent this gross injustice. And another thing, there are never any questions about Russian literature.

Anyway, as with the trip to Ireland last week, we do now have the benefit of a smoke-free environment (and the Guinness is cheaper than over the sea). As a non-smoker, I'm quite pleased with the new law but was amused by the article by Liverpool writer Brian Reade in The Daily Mirror on 12/07/07. I understand that some nightclubs will be spraying special smells (good use of aliteration there) into the air to mask the B.O. of dancers and lechers.

Daily Mail Watch

Another classic from the boy Littlejohn and his rational acolytes. More " Oh you should be PM, Richard...............puke!" He's not obsessed with Islam at all. Just one problem with his diatribe. This country jails more people per head of population than any other in Europe and judges are not political appointments. Either he is ignorant of the Separation of Powers or chooses to ignore it.

The Fly's the Limit

We have been troubled by the sudden appearance of a large number of bluebottles (blowflies) in the house. This has involved the liberal use of rolled up newspaper (my republic for a Daily Mail) rather than relying upon fly spray which can harm the fish. We have tracked down the invasion to under the coconut welcome mat by the back door. It should say (except vermin and Jehovah's Witnesses). The pupae were duly despatched and hopefully this is the last of them.

Today's recommended albums >

Keane (Cover Versions) including Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Wonderful World

Ghosts (The World Outside)

Crowded House (Time on Earth) Like they've never been away. Entered UK charts at 3.

Feist : 1234 Catchy tune. not heard of her before but is getting airplay.

I hope to put excerpts from my novel in progress, Breakfast With Madness at various times in the future.

Ignoratia haud juris excusat