Daily Mail Rant

This newspaper has been a major bugbear for me for many years. On a daily basis it pumps out extreme right-wing bile with a frightening obsession with asylum seekers/immigration and single parents. I challenge anyone with a teaspoonful of compassion and rationality to read this filth without wanting to rip it up. Now the problem has become worse as it is also online. I fear for my laptop screen at times (as well as my currently normal blood pressure). Anyway, for months I have nursed an ambition to get my comment published on their website. However, if you look carefully at the comments you will notice quite quickly that they merely congratulate and genuflect before the writer of the article. Contrast this with the Guardian's Comment Is Free feature which allows any old nutter to post an opinion. Today's example is the column of the completely rational Richard Littlejohn. The worrying aspect is how many people seem to believe he should be running the country. Also, note the number of people that comment from overseas about their beloved home country. It is disgraceful that ex-pats are allowed to vote in our elections. They do not see the beautiful irony of hating foreigners, Europe and fundamentalism, whilst displaying the most hostile views from their shangri-la overseas. have a look at the 'thoughtful' comment of Peter from Sussex. Forget the fact that the UK is one of the top 5 countries in terms of GDP, just make an incredibly crass statement about not giving money to poorer nations because 'charity begins at home.' It is a fact that the biggest contributors to charities and good causes are those on low incomes and in less affluent areas. The rich stay that way because they are able to avoid/evade tax through accountancy measures and because they are as tight as the proverbial duck's body part. Barking mad and sycophantic

So, my challenge remains to get a comment published. I've even tried to use different names and email addresses but I've a feeling they can detect your IP address. This won't be the last tirade at the Daily Mail, but on a positive note, it does fit neatly on the bottom of your budgie cage and is super absorbent due to the amount of extra padding contained therein.

"His son is working for the Daily Mail; it's a steady job but he wants to be a paperback writer." Lennon & McCartney