Daily Mail: A New Low

Another Daily Mail rant today, I'm afraid. My views on this dangerous newspaper are well-known. Today, a new low was reached by the newspaper that supported the Nazis and Oswald Mosley's black-shirted fascists. An article was published in the Mail about alleged gang-related shootings in Manchester. The article may be found here although I wouldn't be surprised if it gets taken down.

One young man, Tyrone Gilbert was the latest victim, having attended his friend's funeral. Below are some of the comments published by the DM on its online section by so-called supporters. It is almost impossible to get a comment published if it goes against the usual editorial line of the DM, the article itself, or any of the usual contributors such as Peter Pan (yes, really), Mark from Poplar, Jacqui Weems (a weapon of crass destruction) and Karen (ex-pat) USA.

However, they do allow the sycophants and sanatorium inmates. The offending comment is in bold and the reference in the name is obviously to Enoch Powell.

Here are the Comments:

Umm - this is beyond belief. Humans yes or no? No!- Patrick, Hedge End, Hampshire

Every UK citizen should carry fire arms for protection.- Harry, Ipswich

Can we please clean up the streets? The police know all the dealers and all the gangs! Why do they pussyfoot around? Get in. Hit them where it hurts. It's a war. Why are they not allowed to fight it?- Steve Jones, Stockport, UK

I seem to recollect that Labour, in their first term after Dunblane, came along and put in place laws which were going to get rid of the gun culture, or have we forgotten? The guns they got rid were legitimally held weapon for sportmen and the likes, but the criminal still kept his weapons. Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.- Loris, Milan

Shocking. What has happened to my old home town? Wasn't banning firearms supposed to stop this kind of thing? Oh, that's right - they only took them off law-abiding Brits.- Nick Charles, Gold Coast, Australia

It now seems that all the bad guys have guns. It is about time ordinary police carry guns so that they can defend us and themselves.- S White, Leeds

niggers no doubt,I bet any money thay was niggers, who cares if they kill each othewr as long as they leave us whites alone. They could do us a favour by taking out a few pakis too- Enoch, Whitstable

The problem is that many Police Officers do not wish to carry weapons. Perhaps it is time to put armed troops on the street in the worst affected areas for the protection of the general public, together with a change in the law under which illegal possession of a gun means a mandatory life sentence of not less than 50 years imprisonement -no parole or amnesty etc.- Dg, Cheltenham

I knew Tyrone he had 3 sons and a daughter on the way! He also had a heart of gold. This article has made him out to sound much much worse than what he was. R.I.P Tyrone- Jay, Manchester

There are not enough Police to be seen on the streets, they are not dealing with the problem which is escalating, the problem is getting bigger. Deal with it now before it's too late. The courts should give very long prison sentences as a deterrent to others who think its 'cool' to carry a gun. It's gone on long enough.- John Harrow, Harrow UK

Eric says:

The DM may claim that they are not responsible for the comments, but it has moderators who can filter messages and edit posts. It must take ultimate responsibility for the comments made. It cannot use the defence of free speech on the one hand, whilst denying it to others. I think a complaint should be made to the Press Complaints Commission.

The Weems woman also had another go at foreigners again today. In a story about people allegedly fishing for carp to eat rather than for sport, she belched,

"It's a shame, but the only way would be for nobody to be allowed to fish. Anybody that gets caught face a massive fine, and if they are Eastern European then deport them for breaking the law of this Country. We have got to start getting tougher or we will lose all our traditions. "- Jacqui Weems, Southampton

What does this woman do all day? The story itself contained the slanted comment : Of 60 fisheries surveyed by the PCFA in England and Wales, 34 said they were regular victims of thefts and the problem had worsened in the last two years.
Of those, 25 thought immigrants were responsible for removing the fish for the table.