It's Coming Home

There are times when you're hungry for success, but life's rich pageant seems to be moving towards you as slowly as the arctic tundra, and then the Black Dog of depression rests his moist nose upon your plate. Still, the new football season approaches and Eric's boys have informed him, via the auspices of the local freesheet, that they aim to win some games in the coming year. A season ticket is always a large investment for a small cichlid and there are no reductions for fishy followers.

Eric was sad to see the boy Robbie Fowler scrawl his mark on that Cardiff parchment, when he could have remained closer to hos housing estate, and become the second coming of Aldo. Maybe next season. Watch this space. Get down to Ladbrokes. Tell them Eric sentya!

The Serie A fixtures for the Italian football league are due to come out at the end of this month. I intend to catch a game in Milan at the San Siro (either Inter or AC Milan) in October.