Sweet Nothings

Another indication of me selling out is the fact that I took a complimentary pen, Bundesliga fixture list and post-it notes from the nice CDU man who was canvassing in Duesseldorf. I explained in my basic German that I was a bloody foreigner and would support the SPD. Nonetheless he let me keep my pen. Mischievously I put the pink post-its to good use later!

Anyway, a few years back in the former DDR I was given a condom and packet of gummi bears by a nice young CDU activist. Not sure what message that was sending out. Matters were made worse by the fact that I thought it was a matches book and proceeded to open it in the presence of my (then) German girlfriend's mother. My face was like one of the gummis.

What's this got to do with the price of Fisch I hear you call. Well, it reminds me of the latest fail by The Daily 'we don't bother to check stories' Mail. Others including The Quail and Heresycorner have covered this in great style so I'll be brief.

Haribo are launching a new product. the packaging has two fruity characters getting...well, fruity. That is, according to a mystery correspondent to the Mail.

A supreme piece of churnalism and free publicity for Haribo. Mr. O'Leary of Ryanair must be thinking up a crazy idea to top this one.

Sara Nelson actually puts her name to this crap. Your parents must so proud Sara.

The Mail story is here.

As you will see from comments on the article gets a bit of a kicking as even Mail readers aren't that thick.