A Sewer Full Of Noise

Returning from Germany, I see that Brian Sewell - a man beyond parody - has been having another dig at Liverpool. One knows that one should not respond to such pristine examples of artistic crassness, but one cannot help it. (try that last sentence in Sewell dialect)

Of course, the plum-voiced doyen of the condescendi (sic) has previous; in 2004 he described the city as 'Britain's armpit'. Ah, the attention-seeking of the Dilettante Tendency knows no bounds.

Ironically, Sewell also has form in relation to armpits:

In Dirty Dali (A Private View), he waxed lyrically about his relationship with Salvador. In one excruciating passage (no pun intended, but please feel free), he outlines how he once lay prone before the great painter in the armpit of a sculpture of Christ (as one does) with trousers down and carried out a not-so-discrete Sherman whilst the mustachioed one fiddled in his own pants.

Whether this gave Dali the inspiration for his work, The Great Masturbator, is not clear.